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5 Interesting, but Unusual First-Date Ideas

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Caution: if you are a person who would prefer to invite his girlfriend-to-be to the cinema or restaurant at the first date, we are sorry to inform you that this article is not tailored to your preferences, you rather stop reading. In contrast, in case you are a person who enjoys skipping the beaten track, we highly recommend you to read on!

The first date plays an important role in any person's life as it is the moment when you shape a general impression on the person and possibly determine the fate of your further relationship. Thus, in the light of defining the motto of this romantic day as "all or nothing", the importance of organizing an original and memorable appointment comes to fore.
Below we present 5 unusual but interesting first date ideas from ReviewsBee that will help you to use your one-time opportunity of making first impression to the fullest.

  1. Go cycling or roller skate!
If you are both athletic and love sports you can roller skate or rent a bicycle. In such a way you will have an opportunity to talk to each other, meanwhile, you will not be obliged to look each other’ eyes and consequently both of you will be less nervous. Meanwhile cycling or rolling is an ideal option for your first date, as it will enable you to manage your time: you may adapt your schedule according to your feelings of the moment unlike eating or watching a movie when the approximate tame your date is predetermined.

  1. Take a Pottery Class  
Taking a pottery class will open up the techniques and skills of this art in  front of you, meanwhile you  will have the opportunity to create something together that will symbolize your joint creativity.
The miracle of creation on the potter's wheel will fill you with joy and pride both for yourself and for your beloved one, while you can keep the result of your creative work to remember the day years later.
Note: do not forget to add the date of the day to your masterpiece before the clay dries.

  1. Go volunteering!
There is no doubt that shared activities create best emotions and experience. From this perspective, volunteering can make an ideal first date, as it will enable you to understand whether the other person’s interests and empathy are compatible with yours.
Bear in mind that in case of choosing to volunteer at your first date you should arrange some things beforehand, i.e. , you should have a clear idea on the schedule and type of activities you will be engaged in, as well as make sure that you and your date will not be separated into different groups.

  1. Engage in a city quest
With the help of your friends, you can organize a city quest for you two as these quests can turn an ordinary day into a memorable and unique one. Besides, it will help you to draw a strategy and solve tasks with your date serving as a good opportunity to show off your skills and experience, thus guaranteeing a good impression.
With city quests, you are sure to have a good time and in the end, you will be much closer to each other than after a standard hangout in a cafe.
Note: Do not forget to ask your date to be dressed comfortably.

  1. Hike a mountain!

In case there is a mountain in the area you are living in you should consider the idea of hiking a mountain with your date. For one thing, hiking will enable you to cut off the civilization and to be all alone, so that you can talk a lot and try to understand one another, at the same time, both of you will be less stressed and more relaxed. For the other thing, hiking a mountain will enable you to emphasize how romantic, reliable and strong you actually are.

Also, you are strongly encouraged to take some snacks and coffee with you, so that you have a break at your destination.

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