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10 Effective Ways to Prevent Hair Loss During Pregnancy

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Pregnant!!! When a woman finds out that she is pregnant, she thinks of love, happiness, family and wants everything to be perfect for the new baby. Hair loss is definitely not the first thought that comes to her mind. Hair during the pregnancy tends to be healthy, shiny and stronger but post pregnancy begs a different story.

Hair in first trimester:
During the first trimester, hair may look and feel thicker but they only grows half an inch. The perceived thickness occurs because pregnancy immediately increases the estrogen levels and reduces the circulation of androgens. This results in the less sebum production. Less sebum makes your hair and will fall off after some time.  
How your hormones change during pregnancy?
Hormonal fluctuations and physical changes can be considered as the reasons for hair fall but it is usually a temporary phenomenon until the baby is born. During pregnancy, level of several hormone like estrogen, progesterone, oxytocin and prolactin. Along with the hormones, blood volume also rose during the pregnancy. Immediately after the delivery, few hormone levels drop.

How Hormones affect your hair?
During pregnancy as said earlier that due to high levels of hormone (estrogen) prevented the usual rate of hair loss. This decreased hair loss is due to increased blood circulation. After the delivery, hormonal levels drop but your hair makes up for the lost time by falling out in bigger clumps than normal. Postpartum hair loss will stop after sometime but in few cases, it continues up to a year. So, if your baby is few months old now and still you are losing hair, then don’t panic!!!
Tips of dermatologist to prevent hair loss:
Here are the 10 effective ways to prevent hair fall during pregnancy and will help you to regain normal fullness of hair.
  1. Hair Massage: A good hair massage with essential oils can help to repair the damage or to prevent hair fall during the pregnancy. Oiling your hair with natural oils for 3-4 times a week is considered to be the great way to add nourishment to your hair. You can massage your scalp with oils like olive, almond, coconut etc. Just warm up the oil slightly and massage gently through the scalp and hair. This will add nourishment to your hair and will prevent hair fall.

  1. Have more folic acid: Adequate intake of folic acid during the prenatal and postnatal period is one of the best remedy to control hair fall during pregnancy. Mostly doctor prescribe this during pregnancy. Folic acid helps to regulate the iron levels in the body which is essential to prevent anemia. If your body is anemic, you will probably face hair loss.

  1. Avoid Stress: One of the major reasons of hair fall is stress. Some women remain too much stressed out by thinking about the delivery. This type of stress can also cause hair fall. There is change in hormonal levels which can cause mood swings. Try avoiding this stress and be happy as much as you can.
  2. Increase Vitamin Intake: During the initial stages of the pregnancy, due to nausea, many women skip food or don’t feel like eating much. This led to the deficiency of vitamins. Vitamins are essential for the healthy body and hair. The deficiency of vitamins makes your hair dry, brittle leading to hair loss. Intake of vitamins like biotin. Ask your doctor to prescribe one.

  1. Combing: Avoid combing wet hair as when hair are wet, roots become soft and easily plucked. So just avoid this habit if you have. Combing wet hair has high tendency of hair fall. Let the hair dry naturally or just towel dry them gently. Always use wide tooth comb to detangle your hair.

  1. Shampoo & Conditioner: As the time passes, it is difficult to wash your hair during pregnancy. Make sure you wash your hair at least once to twice a week. Keep in mind that you choose a mild shampoo. Don’t forget to apply conditioner to the tips of hair. This will help to prevent the formation of dry or split ends.

  1. Avoid Hair Color & Chemical Agents: There are chemicals in the products which can absorb into the body and can cause skin allergies or even harm your baby in the womb. Avoid the use of chemical products or hair color during your pregnancy to prevent hair fall.

  1. Balanced Diet: It is important to consume a healthy and balanced diet. It will help to nurture your baby and as well as your body. It will give the nourishment & strength to our hair also. You should include mild, fruits, green vegetables, grains, meat etc in your diet. Consult with doctor also about the food items if there are some to be avoided during the pregnancy.

  1. Avoid Styling Tools: During the pregnancy, you need to stop use of hair styling tools. Blow drying hair at high speed can cause more hair fall.  You can use hair dryer at moderate to cold air source. Try to avoid hair serum, spray or other hair styling creams.

  1. Natural Hair Mask: You can use natural or herbal hair masks to stop or prevent hair fall during pregnancy. Natural products will not cause any allergic or skin reactions. But if you are allergic to some herbal seeds or ingredients, consult with doctor before using them.

  • Fenugreek Seeds: Make a paste of fenugreek seeds powder and mix it with hair oil. Apply this paste on to your scalp and leave it for one hour, rinse with tap water.

  • Coconut milk: Coconut milk will moisture the scalp, strengthen your hair roots and even fights with dandruff. Simply massage fresh coconut milk on your scalp and leave it for 30 minutes and wash with natural or herbal shampoo.

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