Monday, October 16, 2017

You'll Wait Till 2018 for Your iPhone X - Here's Why

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Apple is commemorating ten years since the release of the first iPhone. This long journey has seen at least 4 million new improvements to that iPhone version. The flagship product, iPhone X, is available for pre-orders on October 27.

The phone, which comes with A11 Bionic neural engine processors, True Depth and True Tone flash camera capability, and portrait lighting, is proving a must-have for most trendy people. The phone also comes with Qi standard fast charging, 3D Touch, and face ID. Sadly, not everyone who orders will get his or her product on November 3, the official release date. For most of us, 2018 February or March would be realistic timelines before we get our hands on this awesome smartphone. Here is why.

1. Limited pieces

Some of the features and functionality added to this remarkable piece require time to integrate into the product efficiently. According to Apple, which expects to sell 100 million iPhone during the holiday season, only 12 million iPhone X pieces are expected to be immediately available. The biggest phone ever made by Apple will be elusive despite its 5.8-inch screen.

Apple has not paid much attention to this concern, but as expected, their switch to OLED screen was always going to pose some significant constraints. However, being late is not necessarily going to water down your experience with this amazing technology.

2. Huge demand

At $999 for the base product, you'd expect that people would go slowly on the product. Unfortunately, that seems not to be the case. In fact, the pre-order projections are expected to go even higher than before. The hype for the product is for a good cause. Regarding Strategy, Apple hopes to quell the demand for iPhone X with the simultaneous release of iPhone 8 and 8 plus. Unfortunately, I don't see that happening anytime soon.

Why do I think so? First, the difference between 8 and X is markedly significant for any discerning buyer. Though the price for iPhone 8 is lower by almost $150, some of the new additions to the iPhone X means it has few comparisons out there. Secondly, upgrades can only go higher; 8 plus is just a simple upgrade.

3. Supply chain constraints

To add entirely new features to the already established product means forming a new set of supply chain partners. One significant challenge with that is lost soft skills. Almost everyone within the supply chain will be slower, though by a second, cumulatively, it could be a loss of millions of hours. The effect is significant and can lead to logistical and operational challenges. However, as said earlier, the trouble is well worth it.

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