Friday, October 13, 2017

Which Type of a Mattress Should You Buy For Great Sex?

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Your mattress should not only provide the best possible sleep quality but also be conducive to sharing intimacy and having really satisfying sex. You really don’t want to be having a frustrating experience when you should be really enjoying the best moments of your life with your partner. Because there are so many different mattress construction technologies, it can be really difficult for you to decide what to look out for and make a final choice. Some useful tips for couples buying mattresses:

Memory Foam Mattress 

Whether for sleep or for sex, the support a mattress is able to provide is among the most important considerations when choosing a model. While the ability of memory foam to adapt your body’s contours enables it to offer the maximum support, a mattress that is too hard may not be quite ideal for sex as there is likely to be less bounce and most of your energy may well be absorbed by the mattress when it actually should be assisting you to build up the physical rhythm. However, these surfaces help you to achieve orgasms faster due to the better traction, which could appeal to many couples. Another great advantage of memory foam is that even with active sex; it does not make too much noise and ensures privacy in the household where others are also around. All in all, considering that the mattress will be used for sleeping and sex, memory foam is a very good choice. You can refer to puffy vs. purple mattress comparisons for a better understanding of the technology.

Latex Mattress 

Latex mattresses have a lot of plus points when it comes to being considered for the ability to facilitate great sex. Firstly, latex mattresses have a lot of bounce in them which many couples think to be great for satisfying sex. While you get the bounce you want you don’t have to deal with the noise that spring mattresses often make or the fear of getting poked painfully in the intimate parts while making love by a spring that has worked itself loose. The excellent noise suppression of the material makes it a very discreet option in homes with family or other inmates.

Innerspring Mattresses 

The springs used in the construction give innerspring mattresses a lot of bounce that many couples prefer for active sex as building up rhythm and momentum tends to be easier. The bouncy nature also makes movement fun and changing positions less of an effort. However, discreet lovemaking is close to impossible due to the noise produced by the springs, and with wear, you will have some springs working loose and poking themselves out through the surface making sex hazardous.


Couples should aim to buy a mattress that has an optimum balance between bounce, support, discretion, and longevity. Above all, the mattress should be so comfortable that you will look forward to both fulfilling sex and a good night’s sleep thereafter. A hybrid mattress incorporating innerspring and gel memory foam could very well be the ideal.

Author Bio: Sujain Thomas writes on various aspects of home furniture, furnishings, and décor. She has also written a number of articles on mattress selection, including a very incisive puffy vs. purple mattress comparison.

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