Friday, September 29, 2017

These Industries Are Desperate For Applicants

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The job market is more competitive than it has ever been. There is a ridiculous number of applicants for every job opening and, on average, only around 2 percent of people will ever even get to interview stage. When you’re trying to find a career, those odds aren’t great. But it’s not all doom and gloom, there are certain industries that are understaffed and crying out for more good quality applicants. If you start applying in these fields, you stand a much better chance of succeeding.


Nursing is an important job that will always be in demand, people aren’t going to stop getting ill after all. But at the moment, there just isn’t enough of them around. If you do fnp programs online, you can get qualified for a few different roles in nursing. It’s the perfect career for somebody that wants to spend their work life doing something meaningful and giving back to their community. It’s a difficult job that involves a lot of long hours and high stress environment so it isn’t for everybody. You should consider carefully before deciding to pursue a career in nursing.


There’s a good reason that engineering is one of the most popular majors in college at the moment. Because there are so many jobs available. The engineering industry is one that is growing rapidly and new positions are created all of the time. Industries that haven’t needed engineers in the past are starting to employ them now because they need them to deal with new technologies that are becoming a part of their day to day operations. The healthcare and entertainment industries are just a couple of examples of this. The salary for engineers is also very high, even with limited experience. A manufacturing engineer brings in around $80,000 annually and that figure goes up with experience. You’ll need to get a college degree before being qualified to become an engineer but the rewards outweigh the effort to get there.

IT Professionals

It’s no secret that computer technology is a central part of almost any organization and that means you need people to build and maintain it. All of that technology came about exceedingly quickly and education didn’t keep pace. We found ourselves reliant on it with a severe lack of people with the expertise to use it properly. That shortfall is being addressed now as education has been altered and more people are studying it at college, but there is still an abundance of jobs available in the tech industry. Issues like cybersecurity are increasingly prominent and all companies need the personnel to deal with them. The benefit of qualifying in some kind of IT role is that you aren’t limited to the industry that you work in. Businesses of all kinds need IT professionals so you can choose any type of company that you want.

The job market is difficult at the moment and it seems as though you’ll never get anywhere, but there are still industries out there that are desperate for you if you look in the right places.

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