Wednesday, September 13, 2017

The Ultimate Guide to Surprising Her with an Engagement Ring

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Life has its memorable moments. When you reminisce over the past years, you realize that you have had your fair share. Perhaps the best of them all is when you have met and fallen in love with someone. After months of going out on coffee dates, watching movies together and chatting on a park’s bench, your heart tells you she is the right one.
To take the friendship a notch higher, you plan to surprise her with an engagement ring. You want her to marry you. Hopefully, she will say yes. To make sure she does, you should shop for and find the perfect ring.
If you follow the advice below, things will turn out well:
Your planned expenditure
In the ensuing excitement, the array of rings you could buy can quickly dizzy your mind. The best way to handle the situation is by having a plan. Decide on how much you are ready to spend. Better still, give yourself a range.
There is plenty of information on precious stones. You do not have to visit any jewelry stores at this stage. The internet will guide you, but you have to narrow down your research. An ideal place to start would be the 4Cs:
  • Carat
  • Cut
  • Clarity
  • Color
Get to understand how each of these qualities affects the price and appearance of diamond jewelry. You could visit and read reviews on sites like James Allen.
Jewelry taste
Having been with your girlfriend for several weeks now, you have a hint of her likes and dislikes. In your conversations, she must have shared on her taste of fashion. Besides, in recent times, you should have noticed her jewelry. Find out whether she:
  • Prefers modern or classic tastes
  • Has a favorite color
  • Wears ornamental or sleek pieces
As you shop for a ring, these preferences will get you as close as possible to something she likes.
Ring size
Determining the size of her finger is important at this stage. The hardest part is getting her to disclose the size. In any case, you want the occasion to be a surprise. Looking at her hands, have you ever spotted a ring on her fingers? If so, you are lucky. Find a clever way to get her to remove it. Trace its inner circle on paper. Alternatively, press it into a bar of soap. You could also try to wear her ring and mark where it stops. Share your observations with a jeweler.
Style and shape
Once she has the ring and accepts your offer, it becomes a part of her outfit. The ring has to be something that blends with her dressing. Choose a design that appeals to her style. Where you are not sure, go for a classic shape.

Shopping for engagement rings need not be difficult. Decide how much you want to spend, learn about diamonds and know your partner’s preferences and size. After that, find a jewelry expert who will turn your ideas into reality.

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