Friday, September 29, 2017

Mega Jobs For Master Multitaskers

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Usually, a post like this would start off by telling you to stop what you are doing and listen. But, because you’re a multitasker, there is no need. And, therein lays your career advantage. Thanks to your superior organisational skills, doing two things at once isn’t a problem. As it turns out, some companies pay big bucks for such an employee. If you’re interested, the following roles are perfect for master multitaskers

Event Planner

Whether you’re planning a corporate event or a birthday bash, you need to be on point. There are so many variables that anything can go wrong. Sometimes, it all goes wrong at once. Think of the job like that of a juggler or plate spinner but with less porcelain. As a planner, you have to do everything from invite guests, book a band and order food. Plus, there are the subplots such as providing for guests with dietary restrictions. Don’t worry if it sounds like too much hassle because the average wage is over $40,000 a year. Not bad for a day of multitasking.


CLO stands for Chief Listening Officer, and yes, it is a real position. Nowadays, there are so many avenues to keep track of that managing PR is hard. After all, a firm can’t respond if they don’t know what rumours are making the rounds. So, a CLO keeps their ear to the ground and follows potential leads. From word of mouth gossip to bad press on social media, you have to cover every base. And, locating it isn’t enough as you have to respond to put out the fires. At $95,000 a year, it is worth a burn or two.

Supply Chain Manager

Okay, this position is a little run of the mill compared to the two above. However, it’s a role for the “whose who” of multitaskers. Whereas intermediates can tackle party planning, only an expert can be a supply chain manager. Why? It’s because the industry requires quality qualifications such as a supply chain management masters. Mainly, it’s because the tasks are abstract and unique. With a  changing political landscape, you need to be well versed in government affairs. Then, there is the economic element to consider, as well as the environmental one.

Elementary School Teacher

Teaching young kids as opposed to teenagers might be easier, but it not from an admin point of view. In middle and high school, the faculty get to concentrate on one subject. As an elementary school teacher, you’ll have to focus on the entire curriculum. Whether it’s math, science, English or P.E, you’re in charge. Plus, there is the nasty after-class paperwork, not to mention trying to please parents. There is a reason teachers start off on a median salary which is more $55,000. Plus, the room for growth is pretty substantial when the state is picking up the check.

If you are a master multitasker, it is worth putting your skills to the test. As you can see, the work is interesting, varied, and pays well. Plus, these roles are just the tip of the iceberg.

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