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Love Helping Others? Here Are Your Ideal Career Choices

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Whether you’re currently out of work or looking for a career change, specialising in helping others can be a huge change of pace that will give you a completely new take on life. You’ll watch people grow as you give them a hand, you’ll find new meaning in your life and you’ll feel great about the work you do. However, the career choices available to you might not be entirely obvious. There are the go-to career choices such as teaching and education, but there are many other ways to get involved with helping people and turn it into a thriving career.

To give you some examples, here are career choices that work well for anyone that wants to have a meaningful job in helping others.

Special Education Teacher

While teaching is a fantastic career choice for those that like to help others, you can take it a step further and become a special education teacher that specialises in teaching students with disabilities. These conditions can range from anything between being deaf, blind or dyslexic. Many of the world’s most famous individuals lived with conditions, and it’s not often that their names are connected with the condition.

For instance, Ludwig van Beethoven, a famous classical musical composer, was actually deaf. Albert Einstein, credited for discovering many theories that our science is based on today, actually had Asperger's syndrome. Special education teachers have the expertise, skill and compassion to work with those who have mental, emotional or physical disabilities that prevent them from working together with other students.

Social Worker

People suffer all kinds of problems at home. There could be abuse issues, they could be having trouble paying the rent or they could even find it difficult to raise their children. These types of issues are typically dealt with by a social worker. Like many other careers on this list, you’ll need to aim for an MSW or doctorate of social work in order to achieve this goal. A BSW is also sufficient to do basic social work, but if you want to make a bigger impact on the lives of those in your community, then you’ll need to aim for a higher degree.

Social work can make a huge difference in people's lives. There are many terrible things going on in our own countries and many people are left in terrible situations because the government either forgets about them or they’re unable to find the assistance they need to get out of a tough situation. Social workers aim to enrich the lives of people around them, and whether it’s providing shelter for the homeless or helping a family with financial worries, they cover a wide range of different services. Social work is rewarding but also challenging due to the variety of situations you’ll get into, so don’t go into this career unprepared! There are many volunteer opportunities for social work that can give you some insight into what the job is like before you invest in a degree.


A career in psychology is incredibly rewarding because you’re able to assist people in matters that they have very little idea about. The term psychologist actually covers many different types of jobs, but they are all related to the mental condition of human beings. As a psychologist, your job description can vary depending on the place you work. For instance, if you’re working in a hospital then you’ll be using your knowledge of psychology to help people with their issues in order to make them mentally stable so they can live their lives without feeling alienated from the rest of society. You’ll be helping them fit back into a regular lifestyle by talking with them, suggesting ways to deal with their issues and also by supporting them when they’re in need.

Regardless of what type of psychology career you want to get involved with, you’ll need to study on the topic so you understand how the human brain works so you can help others. A university degree is the most common way to get your credentials, but there are also specialised courses if you know what field of psychology you want to study and what type of job you want to get involved with.


Whether it’s becoming an assistant teacher as a part-time job or watching over children for busy parents, childcare is a great way to work with children and assist them in their growth. For instance, becoming a nanny is a common path that people take when they want to get involved with childcare. You’ll typically be looking after children in their own home while the parents are out working. Most nannies take care of children who are aged from a few months up to their early teens, and the role can usually be undertaken part-time or full-time which makes it a flexible career choice.

On the other hand, working in childcare at a nursery usually involves working with more children at one time. You could be teaching children essential skills that they’ll be using in life, or you could be looking after them and assisting the main teachers. You’ll need some teaching skills if you’re to work at a nursery, but there are plenty of training programs that will help you learn these essential skills should you decide to undertake it as a career.

Some Final Words

Teaching might be the go-to choice for people that love helping others, but as you can see, there are many different options when it comes to career choices. Make sure that whatever you pick, you are connected to it somehow. If you have an interest in psychology then studying it and imparting your wisdom on others can feel great. On the other hand, if you feel like you want to get involved with problems in your local area an attempt to fix them, then studying social work and helping people in your community can be far more fulfilling. No matter what career you choose, wanting to help people is admirable and you should be proud for wanting to make a career of it.

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