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How To Turn Your Passion into a Shining Career

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No one wants to work at a job devoid of any passion or love for the work. Much has been written about how not being engaged with the job hampers employee productivity and proves negative for both the employee and the employer. But the actual picture doesn’t seem to change. A recent study found that up to 87% of-of the American workforce do not deliver results according to their full potential because they lack the passion for their work.
This cannot mean that the people do not possess the ability to be passionate about working. This staggering statistic demonstrates only one fact -- that a majority of the people either haven’t found their passion yet -- or do not know how to turn it into a career. If you are one of those people who has been struggling with turning your passion into a full-fledged cash churning career, read further and get actionable tips for the same.

First things first - Before going onto the tips, let’s lay a foundation. First of all, if you work at a job you love it will increase your work productivity; which will boost up your professional growth; which will further churn out good money and provide utmost job satisfaction. Therefore, working at a job that you are truly passionate about will satisfy all your wants; from the basic financial wants to the higher self-actualization ones. Therefore you must discover your passion before everything else. It may be through a reflective inward journey or a series of trial and error, but discovering your passion is of utmost importance. If you’re a still a university student, who doesn’t know where to start for finding the passion, spend your time on reading books on diverse subjects. Take help of sites like Writers Per Hour to hone your writing skills and improve performance at the university. Better writing efficiency will help you save enough time to discover your follow your passion.
Create a working plan - The beginning of every great deed stems from a solid working plan. This is exactly where a lot of people lose their way. They know where their passion lies and decide to follow it impulsively, quitting their jobs and leaving their homes for the worse. When the real world strikes back, their impulse crashes like a house of cards. Before embarking on any new journey -- in this case, the journey to your passion destination requires a thorough itinerary. You must know exactly where to start and the number of stops you are going to make. If you do not have a concrete plan in place, you are bound to get lost midway. Your plan will entirely depend on your passion. For example, your passion is to draw, but you are working at a factory, devise a plan which will help you quit your job with ample savings. In the planning phase itself decide the career route you want to take; whether it is painting or graphic designing. A proper plan will help you navigate your entire road-to-passion-career journey.

Network - If you do not know where to start from to land your dream job -- the answer is: Networking! After you have identified the industry you want to work in, do proper research for the same. Stalk the websites of the industry professionals. Connect with them on LinkedIn. Offer to work as an intern. Do not hesitate in starting from scratch. Remember that you will have to work your way up, but the journey will be enjoyable and quick.

Get qualified - Let’s take the same example as the first point and carry it a bit forward. In the planning phase, let’s suppose you chose that you want to put your artistic skills to use as a graphic designer. What is the next step in that case? Getting qualified as a graphic designer.  Take courses from reputable institutions. Get as much education as you possibly can about your field of interest.

Be proactive - Lastly, remember that no road is guaranteed to be smooth. Not even the road you love. There are going to be several roadblocks, detours, and whatnot, but you will have to keep at it if you want to become successful. Your approach should be flexible and proactive so that you can manage all the ups and downs.



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