Friday, September 15, 2017

How to Help Your Child Learn to Read

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We all have heard that - Keep reading is the only way to keep learning. And as parents it’s very important and at the same time very difficult to make your child learn to read, for the reason that kids are temperamental. Being a parent you are the very first teacher of your toddler. Before learning all the worldly things, parents are the one who germinate the seeds of enthusiasm to read and learn and set the foundation of craving for more learning, understanding and exploring.

Each kid is a different individual with diverse qualities, skills and abilities. Some may learn quickly but some may take little more time than others. Some are attentive and others just have little attention span & get distracted. We have plenty of advice from the elderly people and relatives on raising a kid but with the evolution of time and studies, we have got aware with the theories & information that each child cannot have same abilities hence they shall be treated differently to make them learn things and keep them interested.

Here is an infographic which will lay all your doubts to rest and help you try the nicks from a very early stage of your child to instill the habit or reading & learning. And who knows you have a future Einstein in the making. Have a good read.

How to Help Your Child Learn to Read
How to Help Your Child Learn to Read by Wooden Toy Shop

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