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Should I Help My Kids With Their Assignments?

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If your children struggle with their homework do you help them or let them figure things out on their own? Psychology and education research suggests that it depends on how you become involved as a parent. When the children feel like homework has value and complete it on their own, it seems more interesting and therefore leads to greater achievement.
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    1. How can parents help their children with homework?
As a parent you want your child to have good grades and to be among the first in his class. Many times they will ask you 'Can you do my assignment?' In this situation you have to explain to them that they are the ones who should first try and do their homework, supporting their motivation and helping them develop a homework routine. By having a clearly defined time, place and way to complete their assignments, children are more likely to overcome challenges while doing homework, do better in school and take more responsibility.
You can also find an assignment expert who can explain to your child what he has to do to complete his homework and go through the theory that has been taught in the classroom to reinforce definitions and formulas.
    1. Find the right balance
Do not cross the line when you help your children with homework as this will hurt them in the long run. They will become addicted to your help and will not understand their responsibility when it comes to homework. Learn how to find the right balance in this situation by offering your child the help he needs, but at the same time letting him be the one to complete the homework on his own.
    1. Let the child take the lead
Homework teaches the student how to tackle unpleasant tasks. The child should be the one to prepare his homework books and notebooks, read the assignments and check if he has all the needed materials to complete his task. As a parent, your task is to prompt the child to do this action, ask him how long it will take him to complete an assignment and ask him to tell you his plan for completing his homework. You can help with suggestions and also by setting a time frame for starting his assignment if procrastination is an issue.
    1. A productive homework environment
You child needs an area free of distractions to do his homework. This means no TV, no phone, no noises from the outside or inside (the TV or radio on a high volume in the other room, etc). You should also make sure he has the things needed for his homework, such as calculators, pencils, paper, compass, etc. This way you prevent the classic homework avoidance technique when the child keeps stirring around looking for things he needs to start his assignment.
    1. Use the internet
The internet is such a valuable resource for your child. Teach him how to access school websites, homework blogs and other sites dedicated to helping students their assignments online. If you are worried that you child might be tempted to use the internet to spend time on his social media account or to check the latest episode in his favorite online series, you can look for one of the many tools which let you block the access to certain websites. If you write on Google 'my assignment help' you will find dozens of companies,  included, which can help your child.
    1. Homework contract
It sounds weird, but in some situation, a homework contract can really help. Some children need external motivation to complete their homework. Write a contract in which to mention what is expected of your child and the reward he will get for completing his assignments.
    1. Hire a tutor
No matter how much you would want to help your child with your school assignments, sometimes you simply can't. Some children just learn better from a tutor. In this situation, you can either hire a specialized tutor or enroll your kid in an after-school program where he also gets homework help.
Helping your child also means knowing how to guide him and teaching him how to make the best choices. Homework is sometimes challenging, but figuring it out on his own, will make him a responsible adult who will learn to appreciate the effort and time spent on doing something.

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