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5 Must Have Features of the Best Mattress for Sex

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As adventurous as most couples are, the bedroom is still the ideal place where most people make love. This is why romantic couples must consider the qualities of the best mattresses for love making. This is crucial because the quality of the mattress can enhance or spoil the whole experience. Here are the best features to look for when choosing a mattress for sex.
Firm support for two
Sexually active couples need a strong mattress that has excellent support. Mattresses that sag too much prevent easy movement. In addition, the weight of two people tends to be concentrated on a small area during coitus. Therefore, the mattress may sink if it does not have a strong and firm support system. A good mattress should also provide excellent edge support, which is crucial for lovemaking as it allows leaning on or lying over the edge.
A good mattress and best bed for sex should be responsive. This means that it should adjust faster to body movements when you are moving around. This is crucial because mattresses that have slower response times will make you feel as though you are having coitus on quick sand. A perfect mattress is one that will adjust rapidly to the change in positions and movements to ensure that both of you are well supported.

Cool and blustery

When love making is great, it tends to get sweaty and hot. The couple may not be able to notice this during coitus, but the excessive heat becomes apparent afterwards when you want to sleep and rest. Low quality mattresses will retain the moisture and heat on the surface and this can ruin the cuddling moments. Always go for a mattress that has unmatched breathability and transfer the heat and moisture far from the mattress surface.


Sometimes, a little mess can seep through your beddings and into your mattress. Therefore, having a mattress that has a protector is crucial because you can wash the mess. It is best to buy a mattress that has a washable and removable cover. Washing the cover or protector of your bed sheets is better than sleeping on a stained mattress.
Not noisy
Nothing ruins a great lovemaking moment than a squeaky bed that broadcasts your sexual adventures to your children and neighbors. An ideal mattress is one that keeps the noise at a minimum level and gives couples a degree of discretion. Foam mattresses tend to be the quietest and are best for sex, while box springs tend to be a bit noisy and will draw attention.
The rhythmic forces that result from the weight of couples who engage in frequent love making can cause your mattress to wear out quickly. A mattress that is poorly constructed will sag after a few months of use. Make sure that you always settle for a well built mattress that will last for decades and still retain its support, comfort and bounce.

A good mattress for sex is one that will distribute the weight evenly irrespective of how active the couple is. A medium firm mattress is better for love making because it is not extremely firm resulting in pressure points and it is not too soft creating a quick sand effect. With the right mattress, couples can have quality sleep at night and a great surface when they decide to get busy.

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