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15th Wedding Anniversary Gifts and Ideas

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Celebrating a 15th wedding anniversary is a reminder that this is a couple who can rely on each other.  Whilst couples should be kind to each other every day of the year, over time it’s easy for the passionate kiss of the early days when you met after work, changed into a peck on the cheek and, sometimes, an inability to look up from your phone. Celebrating any wedding anniversary reinforces the fact that your marriage is a priority, and by celebrating your anniversary you may also make your relationship stronger.
Your 15th wedding anniversary celebration allows you to relive a moment that changed your life forever. Anyone can pull out all the stops on their wedding day, but not so many make 15 years of marriage, making it an anniversary that deserves a celebration.
As with all anniversaries, there is a suggested traditional and modern gift. Crystal is the traditional gift for a 15th wedding anniversary, and the modern gift is glass or a watch. There are several websites listing suggested 15th wedding anniversary gifts for her and for him.  You can also narrow your search for a gift that celebrates your parents 15th wedding anniversary. Here are some of our 15th wedding anniversary gifts and ideas:
  1. Crystal

Crystal can be both delicate and strong. Ideas for delicate crystal includes decanters and vases. Add a bottle of your favourite tipple or your favourite blooms and you have the perfect gift. If you’re not sure what flower to choose, the traditional flower for this anniversary is the rose, and preferably a red one.  Red roses are symbolic of love, passion and perfection. And for a tipple, a bottle of red wine or port fits the traditional colour too.
A heavier crystal gift could be an engraved paperweight. Choose a heart shape on which you can have engraved words that are meaningful to you both. Perhaps a line from your favourite song, from a reading at your wedding or an inside joke.
Other ideas for crystal or glass include crystal figurines or other art pieces such as glass plates.  On a more practical level consider glass serving bowls, fancy glassware including beer glasses.  Other suggestions include reading glasses or designer sunglasses.
  1. A watch

A timepiece signifies the many years you’ve been together and the many years ahead.  You can choose a gold watch, a clock for the living room wall or one that can sit on her desk or around her neck on a gold or silver chain.
You might consider a matching pair of fine Swiss time-pieces famed for their reliability and design. Alternatively, a  might suit couples that prefer something less traditional, for example a Fitbit Bluetooth fitness activity tracker watch
  1. Gemstones

The gemstones of ruby, garnet, and alexandrite gemstones are connected with 15th wedding anniversary tradition, opening up the possibility of jewellery as a gift on the day. This can include jewellery for him as well as her.
Whilst Alexandrite only turns red at night, the official colour of a 15th anniversary is red, giving you your colour palette if you are organising a party in celebration of the couple’s time together.  
  1. Customised anniversary print

You can of course choose a gift that is not linked to the traditional or modern suggestions for those who were married one-and-a-half decades ago. A customised print with special information scattered throughout, can create a personal work of art on a chalkboard effect canvas that shows the couples first names, their anniversary date, the 15th anniversary year, number of children, addresses, vacations, pets, and a family quote.
  1. Ideas to celebrate your 15th wedding anniversary.

Whilst you toast good health, with red wine of course, you can enjoy your anniversary by spending time together as a couple. You might want to return to a place that was special to you for a weekend trip if it is out of town.  You can create a photo album of your favourite photographs from the past year and aim to do the same again at each future anniversary. If you want to take a vacation, consider Switzerland or Italy as they are known for watches and crystal respectively.  

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