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What Is the International Baccalaureate (IB) Program?

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The non-profit educational foundation, International Baccalaureate, (IB) is growing popular with time. It projects four highly favored international education programmes that help the students to develop intellectual, personal, emotional and social skills required in taking responsible action in the future. In IB recommended schools, students are taught to make the world more than just a peaceful place to live.
Only students aged between 3 and 19 are allowed to be a part of this global education system. Here, students can enjoy a unique learning style. However, the system is not just about cognitive development, but it also addresses the issues of emotional and physical well-being.
Helps a Student to Focus on Personal Growth
The IB educational system has been widely recognized for rigorous academic and personal standards, as such a system does not only teach a student how to excel in his or her studies, but also helps him or her in focusing on personal growth.
IB programmes are designed to encourage students to follow a lifelong quest for knowing the unknown, which is hallmarked by enthusiasm and empathy. The international education system has been able to encourage people to come together and start dreaming about making the world a better place to live through education.
Assists Students to Develop a Strong Character
Schools that are following the IB guidelines can produce students with strong academic, social and emotional characteristic features. Students enrolled in the IB board schools in Pune; or anywhere else, are likely to become better academic performers than students following other educational programmes.
IB Promotes the Growth of the Right Thought-process
IB programmes always stress on how to teach students and make them understand the value of learning and recognize it as an essential and integral part of their daily lives.
The international education system inspires students to ask questions, set challenging objectives in life and pursue personal aspirations. The programmes also encourage students to develop the persistence to achieve hard targets in life.
The system also helps knowledgeable students, who are capable of ethical judgment in acquiring flexibility and confidence required to bring a significant change in the society. Apart from this, it encourages students to develop a healthy relationship with others and execute teamwork effectively.
Helps to Create a More Peaceful and a Better World
IB is designed to produce a knowledgeable, caring and educated force of young people, who only dream of making the world better and more peaceful through respect and understanding.

In order to realize its dream and execute the resolution, the organization works with both local and international educational institutions to develop and introduce challenging programmes for the international educational system. Thus, it can be said that the sole objective of the IB educational programme is to create a better and peaceful world through well-educated and knowledgeable students with well-built characters.

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