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The Skinny on Non-Invasive Weight Loss Procedures

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You've probably thought about it. Let's be honest--most of us have. Too many endless opportunities staring in the mirror, viewing endless amounts of perfectly looking photoshopped people in magazines, envying your friend's perfect body, not to mention the almost ceaseless opportunities to compare your body to some stranger online all led to this moment. What could we be talking about? Why, fat-reduction surgeries of course!
All the 45-minute sweat-soaked intensive cardio sessions, all the visits to the gym, and all the low-carb meals have barely made a budge where it counts. Or maybe you just need the extra motivation a little surgery could provide. The idea finally enters your mind and before you know it you're thinking, "Maybe it's time to for a little extra help."
Well, you wouldn't be alone. Non-invasive fat reduction treatments are very popular, with CoolSculpting, Zerona, and Sculpsure being three of the most popular treatments for non-invasive fat reduction. But do they actually work? The great news is, yes! It's no longer the age of questioning whether achieving beauty perfection is possible. Now, it's a matter of asking how. But each of these treatments come with some caveats, and results among them are different. So, if you're looking to try a fat reduction surgery and need help deciding the pros and cons of each, keep reading.
Let's take a closer look at each one.
CoolSculpting is a freeze-based treatment that uses cryolipolysis--a form of surgery that uses temperatures between 23 and 41 degrees Fahrenheit--to reduce fat cells by freezing them. The purpose is to focus on cell death without harm to skin tissue, and the fat is then eliminated through the body's lymphatic system. While CoolSculpting is normally used on the abdominals and love handles, the procedure can be used in many places, including the arms and knees, along with the pectorals.
CoolScultping is effective, but results take awhile. A difference in shape can be noticed as early as five weeks, but generally takes three to four months before results take hold. But when they do, it's normally instantaneous. There's also some pain with this method, but fades within minutes.
Like most other non-invasive fat loss surgeries, Zerona removes inches of fat from your waist, hips and thighs. And compared to CoolSculpting, Zerona is actually painless, and also has no downtime. It works by utilizing a low-level laser to melt the fat inside fat cells, thereby shrinking them. The fat is then sent to the lymphatic system to be removed just like CoolSculpting. Results are generally as seen as little as two weeks.
However, Zerona’s results vary from one user to another. Because the fat cells are only shrunk and not removed, results may be temporary if caution isn't taken with one's lifestyle. Going back to unhealthy habits will send the fat right back to those shrunken cells. At least six treatments are needed however, making Zerona one of the few surgeries with the least amount of treatments. The treatments also are squeezed in pretty closely, three times a week, to make sure the fat doesn't re-enter the fat cells.
SculpSure is another laser-based fat zapping non-invasive fat removal method. Compared to Zerona, SculpSure is only approved for use on the abdominals and side-flanks. There's slight discomfort, but far less to CoolSculpting.
In the case of laser surgeries like Zerona, the majority of doctors appear to would agree that laser surgery is the least effective form of non-invasive fat burning treatments. Like the other treatments, there's no downtime and results are seen quicker than CoolSculpting--in about two to three months. And compared to Zerona, there are less treatments required, generally about one to two. And much like Zerona, SculpSure can be used in many places where there is excess fat. This – and its endorsement by a bevvy of Hollywood celebrities -- has most recently made SculpSure the most sought-after treatment currently.

Each of these popular treatments are effective and FDA cleared. With each of these procedures, cost is an issue and each treatment takes multiple sessions. But each treatment requires that you are already moderately healthy, as body contouring isn't a substitute for healthy eating and exercise. The good news is most users generally feel motivated to keep their results and are far more generally inclined to take extra care of their health.

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