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The 4 Most Romantic Restaurants in the Heart of London City

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By Kimmy Li
You need a few personal touches to best express romance. Vanilla scented candles, a single red rose and perfect happy food says, "Love" as nothing else does. With an excellent restaurant that provides you with the most amazing cuisine and perfect romantic ambience, everyday can be Valentine's Day. These are the most romantic dining haunts in London where you can give your date the most romantic food experience of their life, irrespective of your budget. Pick one and experience an evening of romance like never before.

Clos Maggiore, Covent Garden, London
Clos Maggiore is one of the most stunningly beautiful restaurants in London. It offers a cosy sitting arrangement by the side of an outdoor furnace and a canopy of fervent white blossoms looming on each table. It has one of the finest wine menus in the country. They usually see a bourgeoisie crowd frequent the tables. If you want a table, you most definitely need to book in advance. It is not one of those "lucky" spars of the moment dining decisions you can make. You need a little bit of thought and preparation, just like you do with love.
Ristorante Frescobaldi
This is a natural break from the bustle of the city. Far away from the hum of engines, this is a window into rural Italy. This is the Italian getaway you have been hoping for. With an excellent wine menu and a stunning list of entrees, the Ristorante Frescobaldi will blow you so away and sweep them off their feet. The famous Frescobaldi family owns this place. They have kept the place neat and classy with petite ivy vines in the ceiling and murals on the walls. It has a regal 15th-century Italian villa aura, which nobody can deny.
This unique and breathtakingly beautiful place offers Peruvian and Brazilian ecstasies. It occupies the 38th and 39th floors of 110 Bishopsgate. Two all-glass elevators whisk people up to these floors giving them an idea of that awaits them that evening. Although the staff, music and food might create a beach-inspired ambience, keep in mind there "casually elegant" dress code. Its main dining room has glass on three sides. It offers a panoramic view of the city. This is one of the best restaurants in London Bridge;  you need to check out.
Aqua Shard, London Bridge
This is another star in the crown of London. Located 31-floors above ground, this swanky modern restaurant is busy, pre-booked and most reviewed. People seem to love everything about it. From the food to the ambience, from the décor to the expansive view, everything is simply fabulous with the Aqua Shard. Although, be very careful, since it is just as costly. Starters bear price tags like mains and so on.  


Author Bio: Kimmy Li is a freelancing food journalist. She has been working with several blogs and publications. Her recent collaborations with aim at listing some of the most authentic dining experiences in and around London.

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