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How to enjoy your golfing holidays without spending a fortune?

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Where to go? Where to stay? Where to play? These are ubiquitous questions for any golf traveler looking forward to exploring the best-golfing courses of the world.
Before going into the details of choosing a place, let us tell you a secret most golfing resorts will not tell you – leave your clubs behind. Some of the leading airlines will charge you up to $100 USD per bag, each flight. You should check out resorts that let you hire premium clubs or online portals that will let you choose a set of new clubs from Callaway and TaylorMade for frivolous amounts like $46 USD in European countries. This will also decrease your luggage load.
Book all activities and resorts in advance
Golfing holidays should not be a spur of the moment idea. You need to plan with enough time in hand. Green fees can increase the cost of your holidays, unless you find a resort that gives you a stay-and-play package. Most of the good resorts with excellent courses are fully booked before the season starts. You should always start your enquiring and booking process before the beginning of any season. Some of the resorts start taking reservations a year in advance. In that case, you need to either pre-book or enlist on their wait list for next available dates for the coming season.
To enjoy your golfing holidays to the fullest, always plan your golfing activities in advance. Then book other family activities including beach picnics, barbeques and bonfires around your game schedule. If your primary focus is the 18th hole, always make sure to plan your holiday activities close to the course. Include at least one extra day to accommodate any changes in the game plan. Playing on a foreign course after a long flight can do a number on your biological clock.
Try something new
Pick a new venue if you have experienced most of the golfing courses in Europe. Spain offers a spread of new courses, which are lush green. They are waiting for new players, who want to test their new clubs at these new resorts. Elba Costa Ballena Beach and Thalasso Spa is one of these new golfing holiday resorts that offer a complete package for a family. A resort should be a stone's throw away from the beach, close enough to the city to provide all amenities yet far away to offer serene days and nights without the bedlam of traffic.
Look for the complete package
Booking a holiday does not only mean checking golfing amenities, but it also means finding a hotel that offers luxurious rooms, good food, children's areas, free parking, massage and spas, and a lot more. Always check if your course allows golf carts. Many courses across the USA and Europe do not allow buggies. If you have to walk between your putts, you may be spending more time that you have accounted for. This will also expend more energy, and you will end up spending less time with friends and family during other activities.
According to golfing experts who have enjoyed Golf Holidays in Spain, it is smarted to treat you to a caddy and a buggy. Both of them are extremely necessary to ensure relaxation during gameplay.


Author Bio: Sujain Thomas has organized Golf Holidays in Spain for over a hundred teams and families over the last two years. She is the expert you want to consult if you want a fantastic time on the course.

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