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Happy Couples do These 8 Things Every Day!

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When you think of happy couples, what is the first thing you think of them? What do you think makes them happy? Do you think it is clothes? Or expensive trips and holidays around the world? You are wrong. Happiness is in the small and little things, like listening to each other and communicating on a daily basis. There are many signs of a healthy relationship you can easily notice. But most of them are hidden, and people do not even see it.
Let’s take a look at some habits that happy couples have, and what they do on a daily basis to keep the love flowing.
Talk to each other
Communication is the most important part of the relationship. And when we talk about communication, we mean about everything. There is no off topic, no taboo topic. Simply put, you communicate about everything that troubles you. Communication is a way of bonding with your partner.
Just make sure to have an honest and healthy relationship. You do not want to bug each other for stupid things. Talk honestly and explain to your partner what is bothering you. Ask him/her how he feels about it. Do not pretend nothing is wrong. That is just sweeping things under the carpet. Eventually, they will come out.
Try to understand each other
Happy couples are understanding of each other. Nobody is perfect. We all make mistakes. But happy couples understand that, and they know each of them can make a mistake on a given day. The difference is they practice understanding and being forgiving. You will never be perfect. But you will be perfect for your partner as long as you are understanding and forgiving. Do not hold unrealistic expectations, that will harm you in the end.
Spend time together
This is a no-brainer, but happy couples spend quality alone time. That means you spend time together just the two of you, without any interruptions and nobody between you two. The goal of this exercise is to truly connect with each other. We are all busy during the day. Some are busy with work, some with school, and it is just more and more challenging to find time for each other. The key to a healthy relationship  is to try and find at least several minutes per day to spend alone with your partner.
Common interests
Now, it is impossible to find someone who has exactly the same interests as you. For example, you might love to dance. Your partner might love to play sports. But that doesn’t mean you cannot find some common interest and nourish it. Grow your common interests, no matter what that is. One example is taking some classes together, be it cooking, dancing, or anything in between. You can even just watch a TV show together.
Appreciate one another
Many couples take each other for granted. And that is why most couples do not make it. They fail at one of the most important aspects of the relationship. That is appreciating your other half. Over time, we all get comfortable. But it is important to remind yourself that you are lucky enough to spend time with your partner. As long as you are both putting effort into the relationship, you will never grow tired of each other.
Sex is an essential part of the relationship. There is no other way around it. Have you heard of a happy couple that does not have good sex? One of the parts that make sex great is emotions. And there is no better way to show your emotions than cuddling. Be it cuddling after sex, or just during the day, make sure you get a healthy dose of it. Cuddling provides you with a sense of comfort and warmth. Anyone who has been in love will tell you that there is no more comfortable or warm space than your partner’s hug.
Express their love
Simple and little things make your relationship work. Just a simple text message saying “I Love you” will go a long way. Or you can write your partner a small love letter. Sweet and sexy messages keep the juices flowing and your love blooming. Even on a busy day, do not forget to tell your partner you love him/her.
Plan their future together

Some people are planners, some are not. But no matter if you love to make plans or not, happy couples always plan their future together. From the simplest plans like “where are we going to go for dinner tonight”, to more serious like holidays, should we buy a place to live together and so on. Think of planning as another way of having a deep and meaningful conversation with your partner. Talk about future plans for your life together.

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