Friday, June 16, 2017

The First Date: No-Sweat Confidence Boosters for Both Men and Women

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You are on your first date with the man or woman of your dreams and you want it to be perfect so hopefully, it will be the first of many, but how can you tell if he or she is really having a good time and will want to see you again? Here are some clues to watch out for that will put your mind at rest that your first date is going well.
Give Yourself a Fresh, White Smile
When you’re in an intimate situation, nothing can reduce your confidence or your popularity like stained teeth. Home whitening treatments can be purchased from your dentist or in stores. They contain peroxides that can bleach your tooth enamel. They are available in various strengths (10-2 percent). They are usually in the form of a gel that is placed in a tooth guard and worn overnight, usually each night for up to 2 weeks. They can make your teeth more sensitive during the bleaching period. Dentist whitening treatments can also be performed by a professional; you may have to make more than one visit to achieve the results you desire. Each visit lasts up to an hour. Lasers are often used in office to activate the whitening agent. You can find out more about different kinds of teeth whitening kits here
Keep the Conversation Flowing
Most men and women like a partner who can maintain an intelligent conversation. If you are communicating well and there are no awkward silences this is a great sign. It's even more positive when you both start opening up to each other and sharing more personal information. Ask each other about your likes and dislikes don’t be afraid to share. Remember this is a great way to see what you both have in common.
Share Some Laughter
Laughter is great for putting people at ease and also for helping them bond. If you have made your date laugh (without making a fool of yourself) then you have definitely made a good impression.
Make Eye Contact
If your date maintains eye contact with you throughout the date then you know you have his or her undivided attention. However, if he or she is looking around the room or appears vague and distracted he or she is most likely wishing to be somewhere else.
Introduce Your Date to Your Friends
If you are out on the town and you suddenly bump into some of your friends you should insist that they meet your date.  It’s a good sign if you feel confident showing off your date to your friends. If you’re dodging your friends when your date is with you, then you may as well forget it.
He refuses to let you split the bill

This shows that he knows you're not expecting a free ride but is prepared to pay for you this time anyway. It's up to you whether you accept or decline but make sure he knows how much you appreciate the offer.

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