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Planning the Perfect Milestone Birthday for Your Kid

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The first birthday after enrolling in school, turning 13, bar mitzvahs, quinceaneras, sweet 16 and finally becoming an “adult” at 18 are all milestones that many kids want to celebrate. As proud parents, we want to celebrate too. There’s nothing more rewarding than celebrating the life that you created each time they reach another milestone.

Planning a party for your kid can be stressful enough without the added pressure of it being a momentous birthday. If you want to make the special event an occasion they’ll remember forever, follow these party-planning tips.
Keep It Age Appropriate
The golden rule of any kid’s birthday party is to keep it age appropriate. We’ve all been to a kid’s party that looks like it was really a get together thrown by the parents. That might be okay when they’re one or two, but by age five they want a party that’s fun for them and their friends.
As for teens, keeping the party age appropriate can sometimes mean toning down adult elements.
Find Party Specialists
These days there’s a lot of pressure to create DIY birthday parties, but planning a large birthday party can be a huge undertaking. Who you hire is one of the single most important factors. They can either make your life a whole lot easier or add additional work to your already full plate.
If you want to find the best bar mitzvah DJ, find a professional with experience DJing bar mitzvahs rather than someone who spins at clubs or hosts weddings. If you want a petting zoo for a party full of kindergarteners, make sure the zookeeper is good at talking to small children. It’s really that simple.
This is quite possibly the first, and maybe only, time you’ll ever throw a certain type of birthday party, but for experienced professionals, it’s something they do on a regular basis. Focus on hiring professionals who specialize in the type of party you’re throwing and you’ll get invaluable expertise.
Emulate Other Successful Birthday Parties
Has your son or daughter recently come back from a friend’s birthday party raving about how awesome it was? Pay attention! These are clues into what your kid finds interesting and fun. It’s also an indicator of the expectations you have to live up to.
If another parent threw a successful party it can also help to get their advice. Ask other parents who’ve thrown similar parties where they found party favors, entertainment, venues and food. Recommendations will certainly make the planning process easier.

Let Your Kid Pick the Theme
The theme gives the party direction. It’s a crucial decision that should involve your kid if you want to make sure they’ll have a good time.
You can pull a page out of Snoop Dogg’s playbook and use a movie theme. For his son’s 18th birthday a few years ago, Snoop Dogg threw a Coming to America themed party, which was very popular theme at the time. Ultimately, it should all come down to your kid’s personality and preferences. While you’re discussing the theme, ask your kid for their input on the color scheme, cake, location and refreshments.
Pick an All-Weather Location
There are a few things you can’t control no matter how much you plan in advance. Bad weather can crop up out of nowhere and wash out some party venues within minutes. And if you haven’t noticed, kids tend to get very upset when bad weather ruins their fun.
Outdoor areas can still work as long as there’s a nearby covered space large enough to accommodate all of the guests. During a hot summer party shade is just as important for the comfort of your guests. Also consider how the entrance and exterior walkways can be covered to keep guests out of the rain, snow or blistering sunlight.
Give Yourself Enough Time

If you’re wound up in the days leading to the party it can ruin the event for you and others in the path of your stress-induced wrath. You can ease the anxiety by giving yourself plenty of time to plan. Party planning guru, Martha Stewart, suggests that parents start getting things lined up at least six weeks in advance.

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