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Indian Jungle Safaris and the Best Accommodation – Insights from the Experts

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Among all they types of vacation you can enjoy with your family and friends, jungle safaris rank right up there in terms of sheer exhilaration. However, you can only experience the many nuances of nature if you are knowledgeable and sensitive to your environment, are disciplined and have a great deal of patience. For those who possess these simple but essential traits, there is no country in the world quite like India for the diversity of wildlife.

Abundantly Blessed with Nature’s Bounty
The great variation in climate and topography has its impact on flora and fauna. The country has amazing 23 distinctive biomes thatare home to different birds, insects, and animals. The population of over 1300 bird species and 400 mammal species features not only the Asiatic Lion but also the famous Royal Bengal Tiger, the Asian one-horned rhino, the Gaur, and the Asian Elephant to mention just a few of the star attractions. While the Asiatic Lion that is found only in the jungles of Gir in Gujarat is very difficult to spot due to its limited population, the tiger population across various tiger reserves in the country is far more abundant, and a great draw for tourists from all over the world. The resorts at Tadoba national park are booked full almost all the year round as tiger sightings are very common there.

Getting Up and Close with Nature
The usual way in open jeeps is often the best way of observing the denizens of the deep because you can cover relatively large distances if your guide receives any information on animal movements conducive to sightings. Getting hold of an expert guide is vital as otherwise, your expensive jeep safari can turn out to just a mindless forest drive.Heed the advice of the guide and do not force him to show animals of your choice, as you need to keep in mind that in the jungles the animals are masters of their own movements and not at your guide’s beck and call. Learning how to track animals by observing the spoor and activity of other animals and birds can be a very interesting exercise.

An elephant safari is sometimes the only practical way of moving around in a forest with very dense and tall grasslands. The trained elephants can get close to the lairs of the animals without either sound or pollution, and you get the advantage of being high and safe for observing the animals. Trekking and camping in jungles are not encouraged unless you are an expert and have the company of an experienced guide. The average tourist neither has the fitness nor the skills to survive the many hazards of the wild. Boat safaris can be extremely fruitful, especially for bird watchers, if the park has large water bodies.
With over 500 national parks and wildlife sanctuaries in India, the wildlife enthusiast is spoilt for choice in India. However, to enjoy your jungle safari to the maximum, it is essential to make your preparation well in advance.

Author bio: Bill Williams is a former conservator of forests of Tadoba. He has written extensively on the chief tourist attractions and facilities such as resorts at Tadoba national park.

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