Wednesday, June 21, 2017

How to Grow to Your Fashion Website Using Instagram

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There is a lot of money to be made in the fashion industry, which in turn translates to cutthroat competition. If you are finding it hard to break through in the market, it is time to leverage Instagram (IG) to boost traffic and increase sales conversion. Instagram is the leader in social media when it comes to marketing and you can easily integrate it in your marketing strategy to grow your brand.
With over 700 monthly million users and over 400 million users daily, Instagram has impressive numbers that your fashion business can tap into. Over 50% of brands are already on Instagram, with the number expected to rise to 71% by the need of 2017. These numbers highlight the prominence of Instagram in business marketing today.
Whatever the size of your online store, it is now possible to boost your business by leveraging this versatile social media platform. Below are some ways through which the social media network can aid your fashion website:
  1. Increased engagement – A Forrester Study in 2016 reported that Instagram posts generate 58 times more engagement than Facebook and 120 times more engagement than Twitter.
  2. Building brand trust and personality – With more engagement comes customer trust and brand loyalty. The more visible your brand is on Instagram and other social media networks, the more believable it will be.
  3. Boosting website traffic – Instagram is a powerful tool for boosting website traffic through links and also increased visibility.
  4. Targeted marketing – Millenials are shunning Facebook and Twitter and you will most likely find them on Instagram. If your fashion website is targeting this age group, then you need to build an Instagram account to attract them.
Of course you will also boost conversion and ultimately generate more sales by leveraging Instagram. Instagram is the king of social engagement and for a fashion website, you will find it easy to integrate this platform into your marketing strategy.
For a highly competitive niche like fashion, you need to attract traffic in order to start nurturing leads. Instagram comes in handy but for you to fully harness its power, you have to think outside the box. Below are just a few of the ideas you should include in your Instagram marketing:
  • Optimize your Instagram business account – Have a separate account form your personal one with brands colors and company bio.
  • Add a link – On your bio, make sure you creatively use the only linking chance you have and you should include a link to your website.
  • Automation – Using Gramista will help build traffic through automated follow/unfollow, likes and comments. Your activities should be consistent in order to attract more traffic.
  • Hook readers with an interesting bio – The bio should be light, funny, creative and captivating.
  • Post fresh and captivating posts and avoid hard selling at all costs. Beautiful photos are the best way to win traffic to your fashion website. Use the editing tools available to stand out.
  • Offer promotions and exclusives to followers.
You must have a call to action (CTA), add URLs in your videos, invest in Instagram Ads, leverage the power of influencers, load up on quality hashtags and share user generated content. When used creatively, Instagram will boost traffic to your website and help increase conversion rates.

Author Bio -
Maria Jones is a Miami-based online marketer and fashion consultant. She is also a regular blogger at Gramista. Maria is an avid traveler and lives with her family in the city.


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