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7 Key Workout Essentials for Women

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Hitting the gym as a woman can be an incredibly intimidating experience.  Anything fitness related has had an undeniable male-focus for many years which has left women awkwardly entering the playing field with little confidence.  Far too often, women stop going to the gym and quit their new year’s resolution.
If this sounds like you, have no fear.  This article is here to guide you by ensuring you are equipped with all of the essentials to enter the gym with confidence and smash your workouts each and every time.
1. Top of the Range Workout Gear

A lot of women have embarrassing stories about their workout attire tearing or turning see-through mid-squat (turning them bright red in the process).  This is the exact reason you need to invest in good quality workout gear.  It is important to feel supported and comfortable in your workout clothes so don’t be afraid to splurge a little – it’ll all be paid back in the gym.

While we’re on the topic of clothing, a cap is an excellent accessory for nervous new gym-goers.  It looks trending and it helps when you want to block out the people around you and focus on the new exercise you’re about to execute.  The judgemental eyes of seasoned gym-goers can be intimidating and the cap will definitely help, but remember that a lot of the other people at the gym are probably focusing on themselves (or they’re just as nervous as you are).

A good sweat towel is also a gym gear essential.  No one wants to take over your sweaty bench.  Make sure that you wipe down each piece of equipment when you’re done with it and you’re guaranteed to not make any enemies in the gym.

2. Quality Shoes
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Shoes get a whole category to themselves (outside of the workout gear umbrella) because it is so important to wear the correct shoes for the correct form of exercise.  If you love cardio and have invested in a good pair of running shoes, you’re going to have to ditch them in the gym, and vice versa.

The design of all workout shoes are specific to the sport and the correct support for your feet means that your legs are stable, resulting in your whole body benefiting from the footwear.

Do not underestimate the effect your shoes have on your workout and buy good quality ones.  They will last longer and ensure you avoid any unnecessary injuries.

3. Your Favourite Music
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Drown out the haters with your favourite playlist and you’ll be rocking around the gym like you own the place.

Your favourite music will get you moving and excited to go to the gym and it will also help with ignoring everyone else around you.  A good workout playlist will have you pushing harder for longer and will actually get you to your health and fitness goals much faster.

Music has the ability to get us to focus and not waste time.  It will also save you time because people are less likely to talk your ear off when you have earphones in.  This leaves you the time and space to lock into your workout, smash it in the shortest time possible, and then leave the gym with enough time to complete other day to day tasks.

4. Timer
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A timer is also an excellent gym essential.  A timer can ensure that you don’t over exert yourself and it is great for monitoring your rests between sets.

Timers are also ideal for tracking your progress.  You will be able to compare the time it took to complete the same workout week after week.  If you see the time has decreased a lot, then it is time to step up the difficulty of the exercise.

Timers have numerous uses which help you to focus on your workout and track your workout week after week.  This will make you feel as though you have a focus and you’re working towards a goal.  Goals are important because they keep you progressing and achieving your aesthetic and health goals.
5. Supplements
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Supplements are great for helping you reach your goals faster.

People often don’t consume enough protein which makes protein powders an incredibly popular supplement.  Protein shakes are ideally consumed within 30 minutes after your exercise in order to replenish the muscles, which will assist in muscle growth and recovery.

Another reason you may be struggling to reach your aesthetic goals is due to unbalanced hormone levels.  Women, especially those who are on the pill, are susceptible to low testosterone levels.  There are numerous ways to naturally increase your testosterone levels as well as testosterone boosters that will help to kick-start hormone balance.

It is a good idea to check with your doctor before supplementing with any supplements.  Supplements should only be used if you cannot consume all of your macronutrients (carbs, fats, and proteins) through foods.

6. A Good Water Bottle
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This means a BPA free water bottle.  Chances are that you’ll be forgetting your bottle in a hot car at some point or another, so a BPA free water bottle is a must to avoid any harmful chemicals from entering your body.

It is also important to choose a water bottle which has an easy access lid so that you don’t have to fight with it every time you want a sip of water.

It is so important to stay hydrated during your workout.  We lose a lot of our bodies’ water through sweat, and we sweat a lot when we exercise so it is important to replenish the lost water.  A good trick, which all gym enthusiasts should adopt, is to weigh yourself before and after you exercise and drink the difference in water.

Hydration is important for healthy skin, nails, hair, organs, and energy and should never be left as an afterthought.  If you feel thirsty, you’re already dehydrated.

7. Wireless Headphones
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These babies will save you a lot of frustration in the gym.

Headphones with wires tend to get caught on anything (and everything).  This can leave you constantly putting them back into your ears or plugging them back into your MP3 player which takes up more time than you would think.  It also detracts from your workout and slows down the whole thing which messes with your tracking.

Save yourself a lot of time and effort and invest in wireless headphones.

All of these essentials are called essentials for a reason and you should never leave for the gym without them tucked safely into your gym back – trust me, you’ll thank me later.

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