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What To Do When A Conventional Engagement Ring Isn't Cutting It

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Ask any member of the public what they think an engagement ring looks like, and the above is probably what they will come up with. That’s the basic assumption for the modern engagement ring, isn’t it? The band is platinum or another silver metal; the diamond can be of a variety of cuts, but Princess is the most often seen. The diamond is usually a clear color. The above is the standard that springs to mind.

What if you’re not standard, though?

What if you find yourself thinking about your engagement ring, and realizing that the above option doesn’t quite have the right level of appeal for you? For some, the idea of the classic kind of ring will be all they want - but for others, going down that road is going to feel like it’s chafing up against what they really want.

If you tend to value your sense of personal style, then opting for an engagement ring that is like most other engagement rings… just isn’t going to feel right. Given that this is a ring that you’re going to be wearing for the rest of your life, it’s imperative that you like it and feel strongly about it. That’s “feel strongly about it” in the good way, of course.

You may not even have had a choice in this matter. If your soon-to-be husband proposed to you with the ring already bought - and it looked like the one above - then the discussion about not liking it isn’t going to be a pleasant one. It should, however, be one that you have. You don’t want to risk your true sentiment towards the ring coming out in an argument further down the line, so have the conversation, and then start asking yourself what you actually want.

Change The Color

If a clear diamond doesn’t particularly appeal to you, then what about changing the color of the stone? You can find yellow diamond rings for sale if you like something with a more antique look, or go down the hyper-feminine route with pink diamonds. Even this slight change can make a big difference to how you feel about the ring, as it gives it an air of uniqueness without breaking the mold too far.

Change The Cut

The conventional Princess cut might not be to your tastes, but there’s a whole host of options for diamond cuts that can come closer to what you have in mind. Here’s a useful overview:

Marquise, in particular, has a more vintage feel to it, while Cushion diamonds can be more slimming on your fingers.

Change The Stone

So the above are your diamond options - so if those don’t work for you, what are the options?

Changing from a diamond as the primary stone might be unconventional, but that doesn’t mean it can’t work. One of the most famous engagement rings in the world is worn by the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton; the primary stone for her ring is a sapphire. If it’s good enough for the future queen of England, then don’t be afraid to opt for a different stone.

If you’d like a stone with additional meaning, then amber, emerald, and garnet stones have all long been used to signify romance. Or perhaps go right on the nose and opt for a Lapis Lazuli, which signifies marriage.

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