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Getting Engaged? What They Forgot to Tell You about Shopping for a Gold Ring

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By Evans Connor
It is proven that men really don’t know what marriage entails but what comes as a big surprise for everyone, including them, that they also don’t understand anything at all about shopping for engagement rings. While it is natural they are excited and happy about popping the most important question in their lives, every man wishes that he had someone who could have advised him of the many little things that accompany the process of shopping the engagement ring. Some helpful tips for men who have no idea what to expect:
Listen Carefully About How She Likes Her Jewelry
Once the decision to propose to your lady love has been made, you will automatically find conversations about jewelry more interesting than before. You need to keep an ear perked every time she voices an opinion about what she likes, and especially, what she dislikes. For example, if she has been going into raptures about her best friend’s vintage engagement ring, you can pick up a cue. If you have been planning a surprise, then you could also subtly guide the conversation to jewelry and get her opinion. If you have openly discussed the marriage proposal then it could be a good idea to visit some high-street jewelers together or at the very least peruse online catalogs to get a fix on what could be a likely choice. Though this may sound terribly unromantic, you will thank yourself for having done so and spared yourself a lifetime of recriminations.
Talk to Your Friends Who’ve Gone through the Process Personally
Even if you like to keep your private life completely private, getting engaged calls for you to involve your friends, especially those who have successfully gone down that particular path earlier, for their opinion. Talking it over with friends can give you a good idea on the prevailing street prices, the different varieties available, and even recommendation on jewelers who can be trusted not to rip you off. If you had been planning to pick the gold ring up by yourself, it can be a splendid idea to take along someone you can trust as a good adviser.
Talk To Her Friends
The matter of selection of an engagement ring is so sensitive that it can be a very good idea to check with your girlfriend’s friends about what she really likes. If you are comfortable with someone who’s pretty close with your partner,you can get some idea of what she feels about wedding jewelry and if she’s really enamored with something. If you are a brave soul and trust them not to leak the news, you could bring them along on the shopping trip and they’ll be happy to oblige and tell you what your girl prefers.
Forget What You Like; Buy What She Loves
You should just forget about showing off your finer sensibilities and taste and instead focus on understanding what she really likes and then buy it. You can differ with her sensibilities on a hundred things, but buying an engagement ring is just not the right occasion to demonstrate your preferences even though it is your cash that’s getting burnt. Whenever you see a ring that you really like, you should stop and ask yourself whether she’s going to be impressed with it; after all, she’s the one who’s going to wear it, not you.
Buying an engagement ring need not be tricky as long as you can focus on one thing; buy what she would be thrilled to receive. Getting to know her preferences is crucial so that you are confident about the whole process. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Be sure that even if you have set a strict budget, you will end up by spending more, and you will do it willingly.

Author bio: Evans Connor is a jewelry blogger and designer. He has his own boutique that caters to an elite and selective clientele. Evans has been working with  for the last 6 years.

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