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Travel with a Baby Like a Pro, Even If It Is Your First Time

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By Korie Cantor

Too scared to travel with your toddler? Frequent feedings, midnight awakenings, diaper changes, and hormone imbalance stopping you from traveling? Feel like we just read your mind? Turns out, most new parents feel this way.

While this is understandable, life should not and need not stop with the coming of a baby in your life. In fact, it should get more adventurous and beautiful with the tiny tot around.

Rappelling with your baby in tow need not be overwhelming. Think over it, he/she will not be scampering around everywhere, does not have a mind of his/her own, and so there will be no big tantrums and airport scenes. Your little one will just hang around you and enjoy the beauty and bounties of the different destinations you take him/her to. Doesn't that sound wonderful!

Go ahead and travel, see the world, take a walk along the beach, or simply go backpacking with your toddler with you. But when doing so, keep the following time-tested traveling tips in mind to have an unforgettable trip.

1. Double Check Baby Essentials: Blankets, Diapers and Plastic Bags

Let’s start from the beginning. Carry ample diapers for your baby. Get your baby used to a reliable, but regular diaper brand from the start. Carry a sufficient amount of diapers, and a few extra. You can buy more when you reach your destination. With a baby, you will already have your hands full. Therefore, try to cut down on luggage whenever possible. Don’t forget to carry your baby’s diaper rash cream and plastic bag rolls to dispose the diapers.

Carry three or four baby blankets with you. One will obviously function as a cover for your baby. You can use these when nursing as well. Carry another blanket to let your little one wriggle and play on at airport waiting gates, museums, restaurants, and basically anywhere you can think of. This will let them get all their untapped energy out and make them snooze sooner than you think. As you travel more and more with your toddler, you will realize that blankets have multiple utilities and are an absolute must.

2. The Stroller Will Be Your Biggest Help

I know what you are thinking. The mention of the car seat and the stroller is enough to stall your vacation plan. But worry not, these can be carried around without much trouble and can be of the greatest help when you are away from home. You cannot always carry your baby in your arms. It can tire your hands and exhaust you. Carry car seats and strollers instead. Strollers can be expensive. Find some easy-to-maneuver foldable strollers after checking prices on a price comparison website.

When you are traveling with a baby, you are given certain liberties. Airline authorities are accommodative and will help you to check-in your stroller properly. Almost all babies nap better and are more playful when in strollers, which makes it an important part of your vacation packing.

3. Keep Pacifiers and Toys Handy

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All kids get cranky at some point or another. This is why you need to keep your pacifiers and toys handy. Sometimes, warm hugs and funny faces just don’t work. In times like these, you have to take resort to toys and pacifiers. However, make sure not to pack too many of these. Most of the time, your baby is simply happy being pampered in your arms and getting attention from the people around as well. This has another benefit as well. If your co-passengers like your child, they will probably not complain if he/she gets a little cranky or cries even when they’re trying to sleep on the flight.

4. Always Keep the Magical Handbag Close to You

Some things are irreplaceable. Your baby’s clean-up essentials figure among these. Invest in travel-size containers to carry the baby’s soap, body wash and lotions. Pack all these in a convenient backpack/carry-on bag that will be your constant companion. Understand that you cannot always keep your baby in wraps or in your arms. Let him/her play around. The little one will touch a few surfaces. Don’t fret over it too much. Just keep a small bottle of disinfecting gel in your bag. Also, keep liquid soap handy to clean and sanitize baby bottles, breast pumps, and spoons after use. Carry lots of tissue paper and a spare clothes for your baby and you. You never know when he/she might poop, puke or pee.  

Make Onesies Your Best Friend

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Carrying lots of clothes for mini-you is absolutely inevitable and onesies are a feasible option. These unisex body suits are extremely easy to get your baby in and out of, which makes them perfect for travel. Also, they are easy-to-wash and affordable. So, in case you cannot immediately wash your baby’s soiled garment and don’t want to carry it along through the long journey, you can dispose it off without feeling heartbroken or guilty.

6. Put Emergency Supplies on Top

Make a small box or pouch of medicines the baby may need when traveling like pain relievers, infant tooth brush, Q tips, band-aid, thermometer, disinfecting wipes, asthma medicines, and important contact numbers in case of an emergency.  

Don’t Hesitate to Breast Feed

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A lot of new mothers often feel uncomfortable to breast feed in public places. This becomes a big deterrent for travel. Get over it. It’s the most natural thing, so quit being shy or awkward about it. Just make sure to wear loose shirts or pull-down tops and dresses that allow you to breastfeed without discomfort.

To Conclude

With the above tips, you can easily travel the world with your little one. When with a baby, traveling may seem a lot less stressful with your husband or partner. However, with these tips, you will be well-armed to even fly solo with your baby. And here’s a parting tip, always include an extra day or two in the trip as you never know what unforeseen circumstances may come up when you are traveling with a baby. You don’t want to miss out on any of the fun things after being brave and coming this far, right? Happy packing and vacationing!

Author’s Bio:

Korie Cantor is a passionate blogger associated with Idealo who frequently writes about tips related to travel, lifestyle and more.

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