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The 3 Most Common Wedding Battles

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While every wedding is unique in its own way, they all tend to have a few common themes. You can be pretty sure that there’s going to be vows said at some point. There will be rings. Someone will give a speech and it may or may not be embarrassing. There will be dancing, celebration, and the confirmation of a union. So in the midst of all the differing themes, the destination weddings compared to those that take place in the local village church, there’s always a uniting factor.

Those are the good ways that weddings repeat the same patterns. The positives; the things that make the whole endeavor worthwhile. Of course - because humanity is a thing - there are the less fun wedding unifying factors. Maybe someone will celebrate Bacchus a little too heartily and need to be made to sit down. Or perhaps a speech will go a step too far with the embarrassing moments.

But the biggest not-so-positive unifying factors? Well, they happen before the wedding, as everyone engages in a relentless round of wedding battles. If you’re in the process of planning your own nuptials, don’t think you’re safe. The battles are there waiting for you, and only the strongest will is going to be able to survive them.

Cost vs. Quality  

You’re only going to have the one wedding, so it’s normal to want it to be akin to the kind of celebration you dreamt of as a child. What no one told the nine-year-old you who first wrapped a tablecloth around her head and pretended it was a veil is that fairytale weddings tend to be spectacular, sure - but they tend to require a fairytale budget.

Few people want to proclaim that their wedding was done on the tightest of shoestring budgets, but even fewer of us have access to the funds to allow the great celebration we have dreamed of. So where do you make the compromises?

How To Win?

  • Pick three areas that truly matter to you and invest your funds in these. For example, the venue, the dress, and the wedding rings. For the rest, agree to budget with advice such as that featured on
  • Make sure you hunt for the best deals. Look for coupon codes, consult, and if shopping in a physical store then try your best to haggle.
  • Go for the items you need rather than those you think you have to have. Invitations are somewhat obsolete in an age when you can invite everyone via social media, so it’s a great way to cut costs.

Big Wedding vs. Small Wedding

You might think that you want a huge wedding, with almost every person you have ever met in attendance. Your intended has the same idea; your parents have a list of people they want to see invited. Then you realize you’re looking at $25 per head for the reception. Suddenly, you love the idea of a small, intimate gathering - but who do you trim from the guest list?

How To Win?

  • The people getting married have the first say on who attends their wedding. Maybe it will offend your father’s golf buddy if he’s not invited, but - to be frank - that’s a bridge for your father to cross, not you.
  • Both people getting married should cut numbers equally. If one of you has a larger family, then the only way to cope with the issue is by sticking to the rules. If one of you makes a cut, the other does too - keep it balanced.
  • Consider inviting people to the party after the meal. This will liven up the event and ensure no one has to get left off, but without you having to pay for an extra meal.

DIY vs. Tailor Made

There is more advice online about how to DIY your own wedding than almost any other subject. The result is beautifully-photographed shots of perfect decor, with everything handmade down to a tee. So does that mean you should abandon the idea of buying items and make everything with yourself? It might just be an internal battle you have with yourself, but it’ll still crop up!

How To Win?

  • Some items - such as table settings - can be successfully DIYed. So if you’ve got a flair for it, then give it a go and see if you like it.
  • Items that will feature in the main photographs - such as the bouquet - are probably better off purchased, as they are going to be recorded for longevity and thus have less room for error.
  • DIY should only be expected up to your existing skillset. If you expect yourself to master a whole new craft just to DIY, then it might be worth giving it a miss!

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  1. AS Africans we fail to realize that wedding is the begging of life that we dont need to speed all our saves on it, we found of doing all kind of wedding stages, ranging from pre-wedding, introduction stage, traditional wedding, white wedding and court wedding. most of this wedding stages we borrowed from the western culture why forgetting that as Africa man we need just traditional wedding and church blessing for the christian why apha blessing from the muslim. i will always advice youth to calculate your wedding budget base on what is in their bank account. they shouldn't go and borrow money for the name of wedding is absolutely wrong.


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