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Best Wedding Gift Ideas For The Maid Of Honor

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By Carl Aamodt

You’re getting married and have decided to have your wedding by the beach. You may have looked around at the best Ocean City Maryland hotels and decided that this may be a perfect place for your dream day. Besides picking the perfect place to get married and hold your reception you may be thinking of where to get your dress and who to have in your wedding party.

After all, every girl deserves a custom dress by Azazie, a one of the best, most affordable dress makers around, and to be surrounded by loving friends..

Part of that special day includes your friends, family and your bridesmaids, and of course, your maid of honor, your friends who have always had your back and has been with you through every situation. To thank them you will probably want to purchase a token of appreciation. The problem is what do you get your maid of honor and other attendants as a gift?

Today, we’ll be going over the best ideas, so you don’t have to think about it too hard. Let’s get started!

Top Gifts For Your Maid of Honor

Monogrammed Compact
A monogrammed compact could be a great gift for your friend as she and everyone else will be frequently checking how they look. This mirrored accessory would be a perfect gift on the wedding day and beyond. The maid of honor will be  a reminder of you and your special day every time she takes out the compact to do her makeup.

Lingerie Bag
Your maid of honor would never forget a gift from you, particularly if you gave her a place to put her lingerie when she goes on a trip with her own man. This is a practical gift and is inexpensive.

Specialized Coffee Cup
A special coffee cup is a practical gift,that you can personalize  any way you want to. For the presentation, you could stuff this coffee cup full of her favorite makeup or other items she’ll love. She would be reminded of your friendship every day, particularly if she is a coffee or tea drinker.

Luxury Candle
Having beautiful scents fill your home brings warm vibes that put you into a comfortable mood. Your attendants will love this multipurpose gift that you can customize with a personal message.

Personalized Portrait
This gift might be a bit more on the expensive side, but a personalized portrait of your friend with you or would be a gift that symbolizes your friendship together. If your maid of honor loves her pet, you can search our places to get a pet portrait, and give her a very special gift.

A Localized Fragrance
What’s more personalized than having a special fragrance mixed for her from you. There are a variety of perfumers out there that would make you the perfect fragrance that would make yours different from everyone else.

A Day at the Spa
Getting ready for your wedding day is important, and being well pampered for it is even better. The best thing is you can take your maid of honor to the spa for the day to unwind and you two will be able to relax and reminisce. If you don’t have time for this, you can always buy your maid of honor a certificate, so she can enjoy the services of the spa for the day.

It’s always a little bit stressful when you have to plan for your wedding. Part of the process will involve getting gifts for both your bridesmaids and your maid of honor. We hope that you got some great ideas with what was discussed today.

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