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5 Exotic Australian Honeymoon Destinations

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Australia is a dream honeymoon destination – the vast country has so much to offer from sandy beaches to dramatic deserts. If you are thinking about which romantic getaway to pick, add Australia at the top of your list. If you want more inspiration, then these five exotic destinations in the country Down Under are worthy of a visit as newlyweds.

1. Queensland

Queensland is a picture perfect pick for a romantic getaway. The region is home to rainforests, white sandy beaches and the Great Barrier Reef. You’ll not only have plenty of places to explore, but also lots of opportunities to sit down and enjoy the breath-taking views with your partner. Do not miss visiting the Kangaroo Point cliff because the views from there are stunning – perfect for romantic honeymoon photos.

Where to stay: You’d be treated like a king and a queen in Daydream Island Resort & Spa and the East Bedarra Island Retreat.

2. Kangaroo Island

If you are after the most indulgent honeymoon destinations, then you should head down to the secluded Kangaroo Island. Pristine turquoise water and beaches surround the island, ensuring you’ll feel like you’ve just landed on heaven. The wildlife is stunning from kangaroos to whales, and you’ll have romantic lodgings available to spend some quality time together with your partner. The sparsely populated island also has plenty of history to explore.

Where to stay: Book your stay at Southern Ocean Lodge Kangaroo Isle or Mercure Kangaroo Island Lodge.

3. Melbourne

Not all couples are looking for quiet beaches as a honeymoon destination. If you’d want something a bit more upbeat and funky, head down to Melbourne. The city offers tons of quaint alleys, small cafeterias and mouth-watering restaurants to try. The combination of old and new adds more to the romance. Melbourne also offers plenty of great culinary experiences and culture – the theatre and comedy scene in the city is lively.

Where to stay: Consider booking a room at The Langham or Royce Hotel.

4. New South Wales

For couples who love rugged landscapes and dramatic views, New South Wales is the best region in Australia. The mountains look stunning in the evening sun and the wide open forests are perfect for a stroll. While NSW also offers plenty of rugged spots, there are also enough white sand beaches to add traditional romance to your stay.

Where to stay: You’d enjoy your time at The Byron or the Arajilla Retreat.


Victoria is home to luxury resorts and affordable camping opportunities. The tropical climate guarantees plenty of good weather and it is one of the most stunning wine regions in Australia. There are plenty of things to do in Victoria from water sports to wine tasting.

Where to stay: You should think about choosing between The Boomerangs and Yarra Valley Lodge.

How to make the most of your honeymoon in Australia

Australia is not necessarily the cheapest of honeymoon destinations but there are ways you can save money. First, plan your trip well and compare different options to find something you love and that fits the budget.

Use travel portals to your advantage and cut costs by utilizing coupon codes. is a convenient place for special discounts with travel related companies from Escape Travel to Etihad Airways. You can even find deals for restaurants this way so don’t forget to do your research when planning for the honeymoon.

You can find more tips for a great honeymoon from this Romance Meets Life post.

So, which of the above got you the most excited? Pick your favorite Australian honeymoon destination and enjoy an exotic and romance-filled holiday.

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