Thursday, March 23, 2017

2017 Trends Featured On Fashion Magazine Covers

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Fashion magazines are an essential part of our life now. Today we can't imagine our life without discussing the most popular and interesting news that we've already read or seen in our favorite fashion magazines. These magazines appear to promote a lot of things that we like such as modern outfits, accessories or shoes and to show the fashion world for us. Most fashion magazines often use celebrities to promote new stylish tendencies. Looking at the famous people in such magazines we want to be like them, we want to get close to the social life with celebrities.

And this year has been no exception! The first and the main trend of fashion magazine covers are our celebrities. They will appear everywhere and show the most fashionable outfits of 2017. Here are some catchy trends that will go with us during this year:

1. Power shoulders complete your image perfectly. This year power shoulder will replace the cold shoulder as the most splendid fashion trend. The photos of celebrities worn in dresses, jackets and coats with much-exaggerating shoulders will appear on the most well-known fashion magazine covers.

2.  Size diversity as the main priority in the fashion world will inspire a lot of women for their inner changes. The plus-size models will appear on the fashion magazine covers more and more often. This year the thigh gap will be ignored in selecting the model for the magazine cover.

3. Super stripes on dresses come also in fashion this year. Since this spring we'll see the dresses of bold and bright colors decorated with thin and thick stripes on the magazine covers.

4. White shirt dresses are one of the most interesting and unexpected trends of 2017.  It seems so independent and confident, but at the same time, so prettily and sexy.

5. Laces, ruches and frillings on the dresses with voluminous sleeves sound romantic and look gorgeous.  These outfits will embellish the most popular fashion magazine covers this spring.
6. The floral print is the next trendy tendency of 2017. In summer we'll see the most magazine covers with the stars worn the dresses with such bright and splashy prints.
7. 50 shades of pink will be everywhere in 2017. This color will be considered as the chief color of 2017 and everything in pink will be stylish this year!

8. Bra tops or bralettes add confidence and relaxedness to the fashion world. This piece of clothing will appear on the most fashion magazine covers since this spring.
9. Words and sentences on the T-shirt will suit greatly with a maxi skirt. The return of the slogan in fashion looks super sassy and classy especially if they will be promoted by the celebrities.
10. Exaggerated bags are the super fashionable accessories of 2017. Almost every superstar will want to take a photo for the fashion magazine with XXXXL bag of a calm color.
Our love of fashion magazines is caused by our passion for looking like a superstar. We always want to remain up to date the latest trends of the fashion world that's why we are so tied to the fashion magazines today.  

Written by Nancy Cooper

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