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Take These 6 Steps Right Away To Attract The Right Person Ready To Marry You

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When it becomes hard to be in a serious relationship, you may begin to wonder if something is wrong with you physically, spiritually or emotionally. Sometimes, it may have nothing to do with a physical or spiritual defect. It is quite frustrating to be single for a long time because having a companion you can share your experiences and memories with is awesome. Simply put, falling in love is good. With the right person is even better.

Exit the Wrong Relationship
When you continue to stay in the wrong relationship, you may miss an opportunity to meet the right person that will treat you right. You are not tied to anyone until you are married. For instance, if you continue to stay in an abusive relationship, you may be shortchanging yourself. Do not settle for less because you are scared of change.

Take Care of Yourself
Cater for your body, soul, and spirit. Your mind is the center of your actions, thoughts, feelings and emotions. Refuse to repress past hurt rather, attend to them. Get necessary help if you have been hurt in the past. Deal with the unresolved issues that influence your actions towards the opposite sex. When your mind is right and you feel happy with yourself, it becomes easier for you to find or attract the right person.

Change your perception about the opposite sex
When you are able to change your mindset about men or women. When you can change your belief that good men or women are scarce, then you would be able to see available options. If you hold onto the mindset that there are no good men or women around, you may continue to attract men that would never be committed to you.

Stop getting mad at every man that comes your way. Sometimes it is your attitude towards men that is standing in the way. Until you change your perception towards the opposite sex you may continue to believe that good men or women are scarce.

Take Responsibility for your previous mistakes
Realistically, you may have to take responsibility for your actions No man or woman would want to take the blame for an offense he or she did not commit. Be careful not to treat every man or woman that come your way because of the heartbreak you went through. You would only be making them pay for an offense they did not commit by so doing miss out on spending forever with a good man or woman.

Choose the Right Reasons
Intentions are everything when it comes to a relationship. The truth is when you have a wrong intention or motive for marriage, you may end up attracting someone who has an equally wrong motive for marriage. It is advisable to set your mind towards the right reason for marriage.

Position Yourself Elsewhere
Sometimes you may have your mind set to a particular place as the place you would meet the right person. Sometimes the place you are looking to find or meet the right person isn't the place you would meet him or her. Expand your territory. Be open to options but set boundaries. Don't go where you wouldn't be proud to say you met him or her in future. Also, the church isn't the only place you can find the right partner. As a matter of fact, not all singles that attend church are godly.

Are you ready to settle down and have not found the right person yet? Do you need help in any area?

Eniola Ake is the Author of “the Road to I Do” Book and a Relationship Coach to Singles . She coaches and helps singles to connect with, court and keep the right partners. You can connect with her via email- or Instagram - Eniola Ake

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