Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Mamma Mia, It's Matrimonio in Italy!

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Italy is such a romantic country. From the language to the way of life, everything about it oozes love. The food is fantastic, the architecture and the sights both in the countryside and cities are something to behold, and the weather … well, that’s pretty consistent and lovely too. So just why wouldn’t you want to get married there?

Planning the Date

Don’t worry if you’re not an excessively pedantic planner; you won’t need much to be able to get hitched in Italy. There are certain things that you will need, such as your passport and birth certificate. Your birth certificate will need to be sent to the Secretary of State for the state that you were born in to receive an Apostille stamp authenticating it for use in Italy, and translated into Italian for the relevant authorities once you get there. This is the beginnings of it, but more information can be found online if you want to make sure that you are getting everything covered

Planning the Venue

There are so many beautiful wedding venues in Italy that you’d be hard pressed to find one that you don’t like. If you prefer more of a metropolitan vibe, you could consider getting married in a city like Milan; Rome provides you with more of an historic background, whereas Tuscany can be a wealth of exquisite rustic Italian countryside for you to pick your ideal location. Whatever you are planning, whether beach-front vows or simple registry office, Italy has it all.

Planning your Guests

You will need to give you friends and family plenty of notice for them to be able to book the time off and the cheapest flights possible to get over to you for your wedding. There is the option of hotels and apartments for them to make their stay into a holiday of their own, but there is also the chance to rent out a small complex of villas to make your stay more personal and connected with those who have made the effort to come over. Tuscany and Umbria offer the best selection of countryside villas which offer amazing views, although depending on the season that you choose to book your stay, this can be quite a pricey option. Pick your time right (possibly into the fall) and you’ll be looking at a better deal. Book far enough in advance and you’ll be looking at even more of a saving.

Planning Everything Else

There’s a lot more to think about - the food, the dress, the wedding party’s outfits. The best thing that you can do when planning to travel to Italy to get married (or anywhere for that matter!) is to make a clear, concise list of everything you need to get organised with a timeframe beside it of how long it will take. That will give you a good indication of how much time you need to set aside, and give marker to what can be left until last. Last but not least, buona fortuna - or good luck, if you’re not versed in Italian!  

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