Monday, March 27, 2017

Long Distance Relationships: 5 Ways To Make A Visit Memorable

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By Chioma Iwunze-Ibiam
Globalization has made long-distance relationships inevitable. We can either complain about the situation, or we can choose to become creative and to make the most of it. When my husband and I had a long-distance relationship, we embraced the challenges and opportunities inherent in our situation. Based on experience and research, long-distance relationships are more likely to survive if there is constant and effective communication, an exchange of physical and virtual gifts, a large dose of trust, efforts to avoid ‘dangerous’ situations and most importantly visits.
Believe me, visits are the high point of every long-distance relationship. Whether you have to hire a travel company to make your long-awaited meeting relatively easy and exotic or you want to hire a taxi service to drive you both to your home, one thing is certain, you want every visit to be special, memorable and sweet. With this in mind, I have compiled a list of things to consider if you want to have a memorable visit.

  1. Have A Concrete Plan
If you’re both adventurous, you’ll probably prefer to meet up while travelling around the world together. It helps to contact the same travel service company. The right travel service will factor in time difference when booking your flights, taxi service and hotel accommodation. More conservative couples might prefer their homes. In which case, the resident other must come up with creative ways to redecorate.

  1. Plan Some Fun Things To Do Together:
Don’t spend all your precious time lazing around in each other’s arms or doing you-know-what. Yes. Plan fun activities ahead of time. You are more likely to remember and appreciate culinary activities, beach walks or even surf rides done together. Be more creative in choosing your activities. Here are a few ideas: Talk. Play the psychological game of answering the 36 Questions Designed To Make You Fall In Love. Trust me when I say that you’ll be excited to have one more memorable visit.

  1. Meet With Gifts For Each Other: Surprise your significant other with something beautiful. Perhaps flowers, for instance. Find out what they’d really like and surprise them with it. An airport lobby might not be the right place for this presentation, what with all the luggage you have to haul and keep track of. The best place is in the backseat of the taxi. If you happen to be having a romantic visit in Paris, consider choosing the T2 Transfer. They have really comfy taxis that give lovers the space and privacy perfect for relaxing rides.

  1. Enjoy Intimate Moments: Brace yourself. Meeting for the first time or after a long time will be like fireworks. You’ll likely spend most of the time kissing, holding hands, etc. You’ll do things all common to regular couples. But for you, these things will be special and very intimate because as the old saying goes, ‘absence makes the heart grow fonder’. Lose yourself in the fireworks, sparkling bombs, sunshine and different shades of heaven. Avoid interruptions from your normal work life. If possible, block out email and social media. Be truly present to keep up the passion. This is guaranteed to help you have a more memorable visit.

  1. Take Pictures and Make Videos

Take selfies and make videos of the little moments that seem insignificant because you’ll cherish them in the days and months and years to come. How many times have we looked back at an old video or picture and smiled at the frozen memories? Picture and videos are time travel machines. They are capable of freezing time and transporting us back to moments we’ve long forgotten. It’s funny how picture or videos arouse the same emotions we felt when they were recorded. What other way is there to make a visit more memorable?

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