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Get Great Results From Easy To Follow KETO Diet

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Going on a diet is not something we decide to do lightly and it’s not something we usually follow through. You know too well all the reasons why falling off the wagon is so easy every time you try some new diet in yet another attempt to lose weight – too many unattainable restrictions. It takes great willpower to get over all the challenges and temptations, but the problem is that you can’t keep on doing it for the rest of your life.
You need a nutrition regime that can become a lifestyle, not a torture you have to endure. That is why it’s important to learn something about KETO diet and how beneficial it can be for you.

KETO 101

Going on a diet equals dealing with the things you can’t eat every day. Things are a bit different when it comes to KETO diet, though some restrictions are still in the game. KETO aka ketogenic diet allows you some freedom that can’t really be found in most diets, though you still have to make some sacrifices to get to your goals.
The trick with KETO is that your nutrition and daily food intake depend on percentages of macronutrients, specifically, fats. There are a few versions of KETO, but the most standard one, which is also the most popular, states that in a day your calorie intake should be broken into 75% healthy fats, 20% protein, while carbohydrates have a minuscule role of 5%. As you can see, carbs are the ones that you should throw to the curb, and all the energy you should get from them should now come from the large amounts of fat that you’re eating.

What Is Ketosis?

This is where we can explain the origin of the name KETO diet. Ketosis is a process that takes place in your body, which actually uses up all the fat you’ve got to fuel your metabolism. Now, this is not how it usually goes, because carbs are the main energy source, but once you banish them from your diet, your body has no other choice but to adapt. In that adjustment, room is made for the metabolic process of ketosis, where the fat stored in your liver turns into ketones that greatly support all brain and thinking processes.
Once you start implementing KETO diet, you have to keep your percentages in check, as maintaining 75-20-5 ratio is what sets off ketosis in your metabolism. It’s also important to make a difference between what is full of fats and what is packed with carbs, as people very often live in misconceptions. Also, you should focus your attention on having nutritious meals full of healthy fats that come from cheese, eggs, berries, nuts and fatty fish, not highly processed foods that have nothing but sugars and complex carbs in them.

Health Benefits

KETO diet is something you should think about when you’re on a mission to lose weight without the infamous yo-yo effect and this diet also proved to have great results for athletes that are training to obtain leaner body mass. But, to put these obvious effects to side, KETO is excellent for everyone facing type 2 diabetes. Aside from the fact that ketogenic processes will wash away all the excess fat from the body, they also help in improving the sensitivity of the metabolism to insulin, which makes diabetics feel much better in their skin.
We all know that the food we eat is a game changer in health conditions, and KETO diet is a great proof of that. What’s more, the ketogenic diet works well for anyone who wants to prevent heart problems and it can even pose a barrier to the progress of Parkinson’s disease.

Should You or Shouldn’t You?

One of the things that could put you off KETO is the so-called KETO flu, which usually appears in the first week or two after you’ve started the diet. It’s not flu per say, though some symptoms are identical and it happens because your body is going through a “rewiring” process that takes extra time and energy. During the first couple of weeks, you could go through some discomfort, especially with your digestion, you will feel tired more easily and your thinking won’t be as sharp. All these symptoms only attest to the fact that ketosis is indeed taking place in your metabolism and is changing everything for the better. Once you’re out of your flu phase, you’ll actually start to feel more energized and all the sluggishness will stay behind you.
KETO diet is one of the many and you shouldn’t expect some miraculous effects to take place overnight. Ketogenic diet works on improving your whole metabolism and this process takes time and dedication to make it work, but the results will show. If you decide to give KETO a go, talk to your doctor first, follow the percentages to the T and don’t forget to leave the carbs in the past. – Monica Nichols
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