Monday, March 6, 2017

For Sena - Bad Things Happen In Threes

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By Oyesanmi Ifeduyi

This is a story about love. But don't get too excited, it's love that was doomed even before the first kiss.
Love was the first time you saw me, you fell in love with me in that moment. Love was when I got drunk and kissed her, I wasn't yours but still you got mad. I had broken your heart the first time. I didn't mean to.
Love was all those times you saw me but didn't speak to me. You were still mad. I was still oblivious.

Love was the first time you finally said Hi. She had hurt me. You were with him but you wanted me. All the times you left him alone and came to be with me, We talked about everything from our different families to the color of boxer shorts I was putting on. I asked you if you knew love, you said no.
Love was when our lips first met. You were radiant in love. I was in lust. I still keep the taste of your lips within me. You left him. I wanted you in my arms, I needed you to quench the fire in my loins.
Love was when you fell asleep in my arms in the backseat of Jimmy's old truck. We listened to same set of love songs on my iPod all the way home. You loved me hopelessly, I wasn't ready.Love was all those times you rejected me. You saw through me. You saw the lust in my eyes. You waited and believed it would turn to love. I wasn't sure.
Love was on the 17th day of November. You finally let me have you. I remember the cute black panty you had on. We laughed a lot that morning. It was 2.04 am. We were happy. We got bloody drunk afterwards.
Love was when I walked away from you not long after. I broke your heart the second time. Your hurt was the transcending kind.
Love was when I came back to my senses and decided to give myself to you. Love was all those times I used to have massive panic attacks, you were my calm and happy place. Love is all the times we used to fight, laugh, fuck. Those times when we were broke and those times we had more than enough and even though the former occurred more often than the latter, we had our Love.
But this love was not going to last.
Bad things happen in threes they say. I love you Mi Amor. I love you very much.
Please understand I want forever with you. I see you carrying my child. I see myself dying in your arms when the grim reaper comes for me in my prime. I see a lot, But I have to let you go. Our love has been epic.Fate is cruel. Love is not a two tonne truck ramming into the side of Jimmy's truck with me at the wheel.
Forgive me. Goodbye Lover.

"Ifeduyi is a Writer, Lover, "Empathist"(yes I just made that up), Son, Sibling and Engineer(Computers). Loud mind living in a quiet, quiet world."

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