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5 Reasons You Desperately Need to Continue Dating After Marriage

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It can be easy to have delicate and romantic courtship period. It can be easy to have wonderful and romantic feelings within the first year of marriage. But with time you notice that your feelings are not so passionate and hot as they were and the routine absorbs your married life.  In spite of that, you strive for a happy marriage and you would do anything for that. That`s great!
And first of all, you have to remember: your marriage is like a flower! A happy marriage looks like a healthy flower. If you give your flower water, air and sun it will blossom and feed the eyes. A happy marriage requires a constant work to get the result of “healthy flower”.

The main rule to keep your married life exciting is continuing dating after marriage. Maybe some of you don't agree with me, but I`ll try to prove this statement and give you 5 reasons why you need to continue dating after marriage. Here are they:

1. The wish to refresh feelings.

To date your significant other is a key way for making your relationships fresh and enjoyable. In most cases, a married couple of the second year of marriage has some inner problems. Both spouses sink into the routine of a job and parenting and forget about their feelings. This is the wrong way that can finally ruin your marriage. Immediately take your phone and send your significant other I love you text message with the time and place of your date.

2. The wish to show how you really love your spouse.

Show how much you really care and appreciate your loved one by dating him first. Keep the fires burning and the romance returns into your relationships.

3. The wish to share thoughts and dreams.

With time you get too familiar with your loved one and the mystery of your relationships dies. One more reason you need to continue dating after getting marriage is to keep the mystery alive. Spend time on your dates to talk to your spouse and share thoughts your loved one doesn’t know about you. Also, share your dreams and hopes when you spend some special time together.

4. The wish to shed a new light on your loved one.

Habit is the wrong thing in the relationships. In daily life, you get used to seeing one another in the leisure wear. If you`re going to date you try to freshen up. You wear the best dress to show off your figure,  style a new hairdo and put the perfect make-up.

5. The wish to celebrate the 50th anniversary.

When you see the old man and woman in the street who firmly hold their hands and you start dreaming how you'll celebrate our 50th anniversary. How your children and grandchildren will congratulate you in your favorite restaurant where you always dated. But don't forget to celebrate the 50th anniversary you must work hard on your relationships for these 50 years.

So, if you want to live a happy married life you and your significant other have to work on keeping romance and on continuing to grow all the time to be closer to each other. The first and main step on this way is to continue dating after marriage.  

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