Monday, January 30, 2017

Strategies to Beat the Stress of Gift Giving

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People often allow one thing or another to steal the joy of gift giving. The stress of hoping they won't hate your gift, fighting through the maze and crowds of the mall, and dealing with high price tags can make us forget what being a cheerful giver ever felt like. Christmas time can become a time of financial burden and fighting crowds. Birthdays can stop being about appreciating the person you're celebrating and become a last minute scramble for a gift. Try these five tips for a much happier gift giving experience.

1. Get rid of the Guesswork
Often the most stressful part of gift giving is wondering if the recipient will like the gift they are receiving. First off, it's ok! The thought really is the thing that counts. But there are a few ways to get around this fear. Start by getting in the right mindset. Think about the personality of your recipient. What are their interests? Pay attention to what they talk about often in conversation. Personal is always best.
Maybe you don't know this person. Swallow your pride and ask a family member or best friend of the recipient. If this is not available to you, pick out something that you would appreciate receiving.
Cheat: If all else fails, get the girl some jewelry or get the boy some outdoor equipment or a tie.
2. Avoid the Crowd  
Two words: Online shopping. Procrastinators beware, you need to give yourself a little more than 2 hours before the party to figure out the gift. You can search endless variations of clothes, accessories, camping equipment, jewelry, home decoration, home improvement, and much much more. This option has made my Christmas this year so much more pleasant than previous years. Because I decided to use the options available to me online, I was able to enjoy my family and friends while I waited for their gifts to appear at my front door.
3. Lessen the Financial Burden
Being generous is hard when you barely have enough to provide for your own needs and wants. Have hope, there are plenty of deals to be found if you are willing to hunt. If you are hunting for cheap online deals, it is important to ensure that you are choosing a quality provider to avoid the horror stories of clothing that is fake, the wrong color, or the wrong size. Check out mydeals and and keep an eye out for their promo codes. Amazing savings and great deals are waiting to be discovered!
4. Enjoy It.
I never enjoyed gift giving until I really got to know someone who gives and receives love best in the form of gifts. Through that relationship, I stopped seeing gifts as less of an obligation, and more of an opportunity to make someone happy. Imagine the ways they will enjoy their gift, the reaction your gift will create, and the way that they will feel appreciated and special because of your gift.

So get on the internet, deal hunt, and get shopping! Enjoy yourself and bring that smile to your friend's face!

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