Saturday, January 21, 2017

Budget Date Night Ideas for Busy Parents

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Going on dates each week with your spouse is the best way to stay connected to each other even if you have a busy household full of kids and responsibilities. Having kids running around your house means you’ve got to make an effort to have alone time with your partner whenever you can. The problem is that the costs for a weekly date night can start to add up. After you’ve paid the babysitter, the restaurant bill, and the movie theater, your wallet may be empty. Here are some better ways to enjoy time together without spending too much money.

Try Daily Deal Sites
One way to lessen the cost of a weekly date night is to do some legwork ahead of time. Go online and buy coupon packages from daily deal sites like Groupon. In many situations, you’ll be able to save on restaurant costs and pricey activities. You can easily shop around on these sites and pick local attractions at a reduced cost. Sometimes, you and your better half may even get to try something new.

Schedule a Date at Home
It’s also a great idea to stay in every once in a while and have a date night at home after your kids have gone to bed. Make it official by ordering takeout from your favorite restaurant, or spend time preparing a special meal. If you usually go to the movie theater, you can save a bundle by renting a new release at home. This way, you don’t have to worry about childcare costs either.

Drop Off the Kids at Parents Night
To save on the cost of a babysitter, you may want to look into local activity centers for kids that offer a night out for parents. Many kid-centered spots, like gymnastics centers, martial arts facilities, or bounce house spots, offer these special event nights to busy parents. In most situations, you can drop off your kids for a few hours on a Friday or Saturday night for a low price. Your kids will be happy, and you and your spouse can finally get some quality time together.

Get Help From a Family Member
Another way to lower your date night price tag is to recruit a family member for babysitting. Get Grandma to pitch in for your special night out on the town instead of relying on a local teenager. Most grandparents wouldn’t think of charging for watching their cherished grandchildren, so you can save money. Just make sure you pay it forward by helping your parents or in-laws out at some point in the future.

Make a Lunch Date
A final way to save big on your dates with your spouse is to reschedule your time for the middle of the day. Take a break during work, and have lunch with your partner for a nice afternoon treat. The two of you can catch up on important conversations, talk about financial next steps, and brainstorm more ideas to save money like talking to your local insurance agent for cheaper rates or downsizing your lifestyle.

You can make your marriage stronger with a regular date night with your partner. Control the costs of your weekly time together with simple budget-friendly date ideas.

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