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4 Ways Technology Can Save Your Long Distance Relationship

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Many couples worry about entering a long distance relationship. Not only will they miss the physical intimacy, but they also wonder if they will be able to stay in contact across thousands of miles and time zones. It’s especially hard when you want to talk to your significant other and they’re in the middle of a workday – or worse, sound asleep. This can make LDR couples lonely and add stress to the partnership. Fortunately, technology has made it easier to stomach the distance and make people seem close even when they’re thousands of miles away.

All You Need Is a Wi-Fi Connection

The Internet has dramatically improved long distance relationships. Regardless of distance or borders, people can hop on and connect with one another for a relatively low cost. Gone are the days of waiting by the phone and hoping your significant other will call, and gone are the days of paying significant fees per minute to make long distance calls. Many calling options are cheap – if not free, like Skype, Facebook video chat, and WhatsApp – so couples can easily talk to each other as much as they need to.
This communication is key to a healthy relationship. It helps couples build trust with each other while forming bonds of support as they work through problems. Back before modern technology, a couple might only have had a few minutes to speak each day. Today’s couples can offer support and work through problems immediately.

Video Calls Are No Longer Grainy and Choppy

Video calls seemed like hyper-advanced technology when they first came out. It was amazing that you could see another person’s face and talk to them from across the world. Skype in particular revolutionized how people video chat by creating a clean and usable platform. However, there was still room for improvement. Calls were often frozen, making the conversation slow and clunky. Poor screens led to grainy resolution and a distant voice.

Today’s calls are much better, partly due to software improvements and partly because of new technology. For example, the LG G5 smartphone has a dual camera with an 8-megapixel, backward-facing lens for video chatting. And with a reliable network such as T-Mobile's, your odds of a dropped call or frozen screen decreases. Today, the calls are so clear and flawless that it’s almost as if you’re actually in the same room as the person you’re talking to.

Social Networks Actually Help Couples Bond

Studies have found that social network use increases for couples in long distance relationships, because they provide an easy way to connect with their significant other and share updates about their days. Social media is also a great tool for getting support from your community. By tapping into your friend and follower base, you can get support from people who want to see you succeed – even if your significant other isn’t around. This community help can reduce anxiety and loneliness.
Interestingly, social networks aren’t always the solution for couples looking to stay close. In some instances, couples used social media to keep tabs on each other – leading to spikes in jealousy levels and decreasing the amount of trust. Turning to social media might not be the best option for all LDR couples.

There Are Couple-Specific Apps for Staying Close

Along with traditional social networking sites, a few developers have created apps for couples to stay close throughout the day. Depending on the app, users can leave messages for each other and record “video love notes” that they can watch later, share pictures and updates about their day, and make plans to talk later. These apps are great if you’re on opposite sides of the world and need to strategically plan when you talk to each other. Plus, leaving a video for your significant other to watch when they wake up is an incredibly romantic gesture that they will love.

Technology has made it significantly easier to be in a LDR, but it can’t solve all of your problems. If you’re not willing to trust each other, communicate, and work out a schedule, then continuing long distance might not be for you.

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