Monday, June 13, 2016

Your Wedding Dress - What No One Ever Told You

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By Zyana Hault

From that magical moment you say yes to the proposal, the first thing that pops up in your head is wedding planning, from the menu, flowers, cake and of course the highlight of your night, the wedding dress. No matter how many times you’ve been the bride’s maid or the numerous weddings you’ve attended. There are just certain things you just won’t find out until the day you put on that wedding dress yourself. Here I am going to discuss few things that no one ever told you about the wedding and things related to it.

Unique Weddings – How to Achieve One

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The wedding day in the life of most people is probably the biggest event of their lives; it’s certainly an occasion where they are the total centre of attention. When a couple organises a wedding, they really want it to be the best occasion for them and for all their guests. Inevitably, they want all their guests to say that it was the best wedding that they’ve ever attended.

Hear It from the Pros: 62 Experts Talk About Relationship Killers

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It’s not very uncommon for couples to not have relationship problems. Problems could arise every now and then due to poor communication, ego, complacency, poor personal habits like excessive smoking and drinking, lack of romance, in-laws/extended family, antisocial bedtime habits, and hundreds of other reasons. However, if you manage to nip the problem in its budding stage, then you’ll have a pretty good chance of leading a beautiful life.