Friday, December 9, 2016

Zits, Spills and Awkward Silences - Quick Fixes for Date Night Disasters

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By Jasmine Hewitt

It’s no secret that dates can be nerve-wracking, especially first dates with someone you don’t really know. But with an estimated 40 million Americans willingly using online dating services, dating is clearly popular and something many single people are up for trying.
Paired with the inevitable nerves that often coincide with a date, if anything goes wrong during the ‘getting ready’ process or the date itself, it can be an absolute disaster. However, with any date night disaster there’s always a quick fix guaranteed to get you out of any difficult situation or mishap.
So, if you’ve got a date soon and are feeling the pressure, keep reading to discover how you can conquer anything that may go wrong on the night!
An unexpected zit
So you’re doing your makeup ready for the big night, when you suddenly come across a bright red zit wreaking havoc to your face. Popping up out of nowhere, this zit is refusing to be covered no matter how much foundation and concealer you cake on top of it.
Everyone is victim to the odd zit from time to time but, if you want to ensure you keep your skin as clear as possible ready for your date, incorporating the Proactiv product range into your daily routine could help keep unwanted zits and redness away. Many people rely on the Proactiv range to maintain good skin, so check out the range of reviews before you try it!
One of the most common first date ideas is to go out for dinner or drinks. However, with nerves involved, shaky hands may unexpectedly take over and result in spilling something down your outfit. Not only will this be extremely embarrassing, it may also leave an unattractive stain that you’ll have to put up with for the rest of the night.
The simple solution to this is to wear dark clothing. As much as you might be desperate to wear that gorgeous new white dress you’ve bought, unless you can 100% guarantee nothing can be spilt, sticking with black, navy or dark grey will be the safest option. Providing the perfect hiding place for virtually any color of stain, dark clothes are a sure-fire way to avoid prolonged embarrassment!
Awkward silences
No one likes an awkward silence, especially on a first date. In fact, research has shown it can take just 4 seconds for a conversation to come to an awkward standstill.
The solution to avoiding this is so simple, but many people fail to do it. Just ask questions! If you feel the conversation is becoming awkward, ask your date to tell you about their family, their job, or their hobbies. Don’t pry (avoid exes at all cost!), but try to show genuine interest in them and the conversation will naturally flow.
So if you’ve got a first date fast approaching and are feeling the pressure, you now know how to avoid the most common first date disasters. Wear your best dark outfit, start a new skincare regime in plenty of time and have a decent supply of natural questions stocked up, and you can’t go far wrong!

Jasmine Hewitt works at a high school and makes herself available to the kids as friend and mentor when they need someone to listen and care. She writes about a range of topics relating to kids of today.

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