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Looking for Love: What to Do When You're Dating a Vaper

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So you were looking for love and now believe you’ve found it.  Your partner is fantastic and the two of you have much in common, aside from vaping.  They are hardcore vapers, and though it’s not a reason to change the course of your increased interest in them, you could use some advice as how to proceed given their unique hobby.

Be Thankful It’s Not Cigarettes

Consider the positives.  For example, vaper devices do not leave behind a heinous smell, which is a plus when visiting your other half’s place or when kissing them.  You may not love the fact that your girl or boyfriend ‘smokes,’ but at least they’re not inhaling all of the chemicals present in cigarettes.  Things could be worse.

Show Some Interest

Take some interest in their hobby.  Those who vape enjoy talking about their devices and the different flavors offered.  Do a bit of research on the Internet, and impress your other half by showing that you can carry a conversation about the topic.  You could even go as far as buy them supplies at Gourmet eLiquid.

Be Empathetic to Their Dependence

How would you feel about leaving your smartphone behind for the evening?  It’s likely that such a thought makes you uneasy.  Such is the dynamic between a person who vapes and their ‘liquid gold.’  Though you’re not a vaper, try to understand your partner’s perspective and how much they value partaking in the hobby.

Don’t Sweat the Accessories and Idiosyncrasies

Your partner may exhibit particular behaviors when vaping (or when out of supplies).  Get used to the plethora of related accessories that may take up space in their apartment, car, pockets, etc.  Don’t sweat the small stuff or get annoyed by trifles.  Your partner has a pastime, so learn to accept the related behaviors and sights.

Consider How Vaping Affects the Palate

Vape flavors are distinct and can be very strong.  Therefore, be aware of how vaping influences your partner’s palate, willingness to eat, and preferences for certain foods.  You don’t have to plan meals around your partner’s favorite vape flavor, yet be mindful of how their hobby will affect them.

Be Willing to Share the State with Vaper

“I’m going to be late.  I need to head to the store to get more supplies…”  This excuse could be in your near future.  Be prepared to ‘share the stage’ with your partner’s hobby.  It’s likely that they are an ex smoker, so they need to get their fix.  Otherwise, your partner may feel anxious, nauseous, or temperamental.  It’s best for the relationship if you to do some forecasting, which includes understanding your partner’s love for vaping.

Know Where There’s Smoke There’s Fire

Vaping, like gaming, playing a sport, and other hobbies, attract like minded people.  Your partner probably has friends that are also into vaping.  Be prepared to be around more than one vaper at a time.  You shouldn’t feel pressured to vape yet you should likewise respect the choices of others.

Robert Howell works in the dating industry and has picked up a tip or two due to work as well as his own love life. He shares his dating advice online through his articles.

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