Friday, December 16, 2016

How to Celebrate Your Wedding with Customized Art

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By Jenna Brown
Couples often obsess about finding the right photographer to memorialize all the details they have agonized over for months. Choosing a picturesque location, gorgeous accessories, the perfect gown, and making sure everyone’s hair and makeup are flawless is a time-consuming process. Each component is brought together on the big day and capturing the perfect wedding pictures is the final component in creating a magical and memorable event. There are numerous ways to bring the wedding into your home to enjoy on a daily basis by creating a custom canvas print of some of your favorite moments.

Lyrics and Vows
Showcasing your wedding vows or the lyrics to special songs can create a stunning piece of art. You can use various editing software with a font that appeals to your sense of style to create word art with all of the words or selected passages. This is an ideal way to present the most meaningful parts in a way that is unique and stunning.

If created before the wedding the lyrics or vows can be displayed as part of the wedding décor. An oversized canvas of the vows can be displayed behind the wedding cake and make an appearance in some of the wedding photographs. The lyrics of the song used for the first dance could be displayed on an easel near the dance floor or at the guest book. It can give guests meaningful insight into the couple’s choice and later be displayed in the new home.

Which accessories make you feel the most excited, happy, or married? A photograph of your wedding cake, hands clasped with wedding rings on, or a hand removing a stunning garter and a shot of the perfect shoes are all possibilities. Perhaps a close up of a gorgeous bouquet of fresh flowers which were chosen for their meaning to you as a couple? Every wedding is filled with dozens of thoughtful accessories that help bring the event together into a cohesive whole.

By choosing shots that capture some of these details in unique and unexpected ways, it is possible to create one of a kind artwork that will bring those individual moments to life each time you see them. These types of photographs often make fantastic abstract or modern art pieces depending on the focal point and the editing.

The Happy Couple
There are many ways to capture the happy couple together on the day of the wedding. For those with a traditional home décor, it may be best to go with traditional images of the couple side by side during or after the ceremony. A couple that has a playful streak may want to use props to create an elaborate scene that captures the spirit of fun enjoyed on that day and as a reminder to keep the fun alive throughout the marriage. Those who enjoy romantic moments may want a close up of the first kiss, a quiet moment alone before the reception, or as they waltz across the dance floor together for the first time. Any image that captures the spirit of your journey together will make a stunning focal point for your home.

Celebrating your wedding day with family and friends is one of the most significant events of your new life together. After going to all the effort required to create the perfect day and ensuring that each moment is captured with gorgeous photography, it makes sense to find ways to enjoy the memories on a daily basis. Creating custom art is one of the best ways to experience and share some of your favorite moments.

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