Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Fun Gifts for Your Office Work Exchange

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The holiday season is quickly approaching, which means your office party is right around the corner. If you don’t want to be the one to show up with the fruitcake (that everyone pretends they don’t see), feel free to pick one of these fun gift ideas. These are guaranteed hits and now your coworkers will have no reason to avoid you at the community Keurig.
Ugly Christmas Sweater Kit
While scouring your local thrift stores for a Christmas sweater can hold a lot of fun, it isn’t always guaranteed that you will find the perfect one. An Ugly Christmas Sweater Kit allows for its recipient to create their own tacky holiday masterpiece. The box is packed full of over the top decorations! Whether it be with felt reindeer, googly eyes, pipe cleaners, pompoms, or glitter glue, this is a surefire way for your coworkers to show their creativity for the holiday season.
Custom Socks
Do you and your office friends have an inside joke you all came up with at Happy Hour last week that you just can’t get enough of? A common saying you say every Friday before you leave work? Here’s an idea—put it on a sock! Stance allows customers to create customized, unique socks that are made right here in the good old US of A, personalized with images, text, and fantastic designs you can’t find anywhere else. Personal and unexpected, your coworkers will be envious of whoever ends up with this awesome prize.
Coffee Table Book
Let’s be real, sometimes we forget that the office party is at the end of the week and are left scrambling for a gift that will be appreciated by even the grumpiest of coworkers. Need a great last minute option? Consider a cool coffee table book. Face it, when you and your coworkers are “taking a break” at work and browsing Facebook, you probably check the Humans of New York page to see if there are any new heart wrenching stories to help pass the time. Obviously you can’t go wrong with Brandon Stanton’s Humans of New York Stories. It’s his third book and contains longer stories with all new humans. Not only will this book fill your coworkers’ hearts with joy and gratitude, but our last-minute hearts are aflutter when we see that it is Amazon Prime eligible.
Leather Notebook
A classic, timeless piece that everyone should have in their possession is a leather (or pleather!) bound journal. When not in use, it’ll look good on a desk, table, or a bookshelf and is durable enough to be shoved into a bag or backpack. I suggest looking at Etsy for a vast variety of bound journals. You can have them personalized, or pick a themed notebook.  If your coworker isn’t delighted by a Harry Potter leather journal, I would encourage you to start searching for a new job.
Local Coffee House Gift Card
For those of us that need an IV drip of coffee to make it through the work week, we know how pricey it can be to get a large cup a day. Yes, you can make it at home, but why not treat yo’ coworker and get them a gift card to the local coffee shop? Use Giftly to find gift certificates for any local shop and customize the card with fun designs. Also, choosing a mom and pop shop allows to you to keep your money in your community. You feel good about where your money goes, and your coworker is awake and more pleasant than usual once that cup is filled. Sounds like a win-win!
Extra Charging Cords
Am I the only one that loses or breaks their charger on what seems to be a monthly basis? No? Ok, good. Buying a value pack of iPhone charging cables will be a gift for yourself, and it gives you something to take to the party! I like to buy the extra-long cord. It makes it easier to plug in anywhere while still having the access to my phone. Is your power strip under your desk behind your ancient computer tower? Well, that’s no problem when you have a charging cable that is 10 FEET LONG!
If you are still feeling nervous and aren’t sure what to take to the exchange, just go with your gut and pick something you would enjoy getting. Unless your gut is saying fruitcake—say no to the fruitcake.

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