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A Review of the Slim Quick Weight Loss Pill

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As per Slim Quick’s official description, it is a weight loss company that has some of the best formulas for weight loss and they claim that the green tea extract they use has 3X the advantages compared to the other weight loss formulas available.
The metabolism stands increased, stress reduced, hormones support, and increase in energy levels when people start taking Slim Quick. The focus of this company is to make pills mainly for women, although they have it for men as well. Read on to know more about the quality and perception of the product by people.
Side Effects due to Ingredients of Slim Quick
  1. Green Tea Extract
It is a common antioxidant that is present in all weight loss products and there are no damaging side effects associated with green tea extracts; although it may cause headaches, migraine, swelling, insomnia, mood swings, fatigue and depression at times.

  1. Caffeine Anhydrous
It is a stimulant of the CNS and increases the overall energy levels in the body while improving the focus and an increase in the metabolism levels in the body. It comprises of caffeine found in six cups of coffee and hence, the side effects may involve anxiety, irritability, jitters, nausea etc.

  1. Phosphatidylcholine
It is a chemical extract used for fat reduction and might cause some stomach issues.

  1. Chaste Tree Extract
It is used for the regulation of hormones in women and might result in insomnia, acne and change in menstrual flow.

  1. Acesulfame Potassium
It is an artificial sweetener which is used due to the presence of low calories in them.
Quality of Ingredients used in Slim Quick
While chaste tree extract and rhodiola that is used have not yet been proven safe for usage, the soy chemical used can instead be replaced with natural foods. Some of the other ingredients are the ones that are present in whole foods as well. However, the high concentration of green tea extract is not safe and might lead to damages in the internal organs. Also, physicians will advise against taking this for over 16 weeks and it apparently comprises of a chemical that might cause cancer.
Although there is no clarity in this regard yet, it is still not deemed to be safe.
Price of Slim Quick
As the company sells via third party retailers, the cost is slightly higher.
Slim Quick as a business
Owned by Slim Quick Laboratories, a watchdog group has said that the weight loss claims made are all fake and the ingredients used also had some issues associated with the,.
Customers also had a lot of complaints against Slim Quick on Amazon and a few were also hospitalized!

Prior to deciding whether it is a great product or not, the reviews and the way in which the reviews are published will also have to be considered. However, as the majority point towards the drawbacks, it is best recommended to stick to Sletrokor as it has excellent reviews and proven track record.

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