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6 Reasons for Visiting Hong Kong In Your Next Holidays

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If you are planning your next vacation, then you should strongly consider visiting Hong Kong. Of course, you will need a list of hotels in Hong Kong and armed with that list from a good online directory then you will be set to make the best of this marvelous oriental destination.
Here’s my personal list of the top six reasons why you need to visit Hong Kong on your next vacation:

1) Hong Kong is both a major city and a tropical oriental island
True! Hong Kong offers the best of both worlds. Any visitor can’t help but notice the impressive high rise city skyline and hot to trot nightlife but then you can take an English style double decker bus and in just 30 short minutes be on the other side of the island and in a different world. In this new world you will see clear, clean deep blue water lapping up to wide, white beaches, villages built of bamboo, wonderful landscapes and, for contrast, upmarket pool clubs where you can lung in a poolside cabana supping freshly made mimosas though the relaxed day.

2) Hong Kong is totally westernized
Many people think of Hong Kong as ‘the mysterious orient’ and yet, in truth it is very much like any major city in the United States. You’ll see shopping chains and brands that you recognise, there’s an infinite variety of things to do, restaurants to eat at, sights to see and beaches to relax on.

3) The best nightlife – in the world – probably?
Hong Kong is abuzz with hot bars, clubs, and restaurants. The famous party district, Lan Kwai Fong, has loads of great places to eat at, drink or dance. Many people find the area overwhelming at first, it is a pressure cooker of events and activity. The streets are choked with people making it almost impossible for vehicles to pass but on any weekend, it is absolutely the place to be! Be there for yourself!

4) The shopping is superb!
When you step out of your hotel you will see a myriad of shops and, maybe to your surprise you wil recognise many of them. You’ll see chains such as Topshop and Zara but they you will see they have a distinctive oriental twist to their theme – they are much better than you are used to! If, like me, you were not born to be tall then this is the place for you! Small and petite are the new normal for you here, you will want to arrive with empty suitcases and depart with them filled with just perfect fitting latest fashions and all at great Chinese prices!

5) Everybody can speak English.
Of course, you know that Hong Kong was founded by the British and so this should not be a great surprise but, somehow, it still is!
Hong Kong is now a part of China but Hong Kong is NOT China, it is a unique place almost outside the real world. Wherever you go you will meet English speaking people and hear English being used. The place is a melting pot of Britons, Australians, Americans making the city an absolute melting pot.

6) Hong Kong is a short hop from many other destinations
As an Asian Pacific island, Hong Kong is near to a multitude of other vacation spots. After you visit Hong Kong you can think about a trip to Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, mainland China or Singapore – all are just a short flight away.

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  1. I have seen a lot of beautiful pictures from Hong Kong...this needs to be added to my travel life bucket list.


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