Friday, December 2, 2016

5 Things Every Girl Does on a First Date

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First dates are always nerve-wracking both for men and women. Even the bravest of guys had sweaty palms, blushed, and wished they had stayed at home. What should calm you down is the fact the girl sitting in front of you is even more nervous. Girls are complex creatures and they are extremely concerned about so many details just as you are. As a man, you should do your best to step up to her level. For this, you need to know common models of women’s behavior on a first date. At, they figured out the things that women will necessarily do going out with a guy for the first time.

  • She’ll be late.
    Sometimes it seems that all women are programmed for being late when they go out with men. You should know that women mostly do it on purpose but sometimes there can be a real reason for being late. You can measure the level of her interest in you by the amount of time she kept you waiting. If it’s 5-15 minutes, she is very interested in you. If it’s 15-40 minutes, you have a chance to get her interested in you. How should you react? When she finally shows up being out of breath and tells you she confused the names of the streets, don’t get mad. Say in a very calm voice that everything is OK. Joke and thanks her for the opportunity to watch birds and count all white cars that passed you by. But if you’ve been waiting for more than 40 minutes and she didn’t give you any notice, just turn around and go, man.
  • She’ll take her time with the menu.
    There could be several reasons for this. She might be too nervous to eat something. Or she might be very hungry and she’ll be considering what to pick in order not to embarrass in front of you. What should you do? Ask her two simple questions “Meat or fish?” and “That’s it or something else?” Or even offer to order everything to your taste. If you choose to do the latter, go to the restaurant whose menu you know like the back of your hand.
  • She’ll try to figure out your weak points.
    She wants to make sure that you’re a good match for dating, so be ready for her small tests. She’ll ask you question to get to know you better and even reveal some naked truth about you. Every woman (especially if she’s been in the dating scene for a while) is pretty wary and suspicious when she meets a new man. She wants to make everything clear for her in order not to waste her time with the wrong person. Your actions? Be honest, especially if you like that girl.
  • She’ll try to avoid the moments of awkward silence.
    Once an awkward silence sets in, she’ll try fill it with the first thing that springs to her mind. And it’s very likely that story will be even more awkward than the silence itself. She’ll understand that she said something embarrassing only during her next monologue. What should you do in this case? Take the initiative and introduce a new subject. Those awkward silences and her embarassment in filling them spell doom for your relationship so if you like her and want another date, get some conversation topics ahead of time.
  • She’ll be waiting for chemistry.
She secretly hopes you could be "the one", so she waits for the moment when she’ll feel the connection or spark or chemistry if you wish. She anticipates this moment because she’ll tell this story her grandchildren years later, “He took me by the hand and we both felt the connection.” If it doesn’t happen, she’ll just be disappointed. If it’s already the middle of your date and you have realized you don’t feel like asking her out again, skip this paragraph. But if you like this girl, create chemistry yourself. For example, as you’re crossing the street, offer your arm and try to catch her eye. Hold her hand longer than it’s expected, then sigh and release it.

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