Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Weddings Wows Not Wedding Woes

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If you want your wedding to be completely unique then using creative and personalized details will really show off your signature style. If you’re wondering how to personalize your wedding, here are several ways to make the day bespoke.

Send Personalised Save the Date Cards

Your Save the Date will be the first clue your guests receive about the style and look of your wedding so make sure you put your own stamp on it. Consider sending a photo card or choose something that really suits your personality or a particular hobby you both have or ticket style save the dates if you love travelling. Remember to coordinate these with your Invitation and personalized thank you notes to ensure you retain your unique style from start to finish.

Have a Bespoke Wedding Dress

How amazing would you feel walking down the aisle in a wedding dress that no else in the world has ever worn before? Having your own custom wedding gown designed doesn’t have to be as expensive as you might think. Check around for local seamstresses or ask around for a recommendation. The Groom;s suit can be sorted in exactly the same way.

Create a Wildflower Bouquet

If you are planning a wedding on a budget then this personalised idea will not only save you money but can also be an extra special touch to your day. Pick wild flowers from your garden and tie them with lace or ribbon to make the perfect homemade bouquet.

Give a Bridal Speech

It may not be traditional to have a bride speech at the wedding but if you want to make your wedding feel truly personal them forget tradition and say a few special words to your friends and family. Remember it’s your day and you can do as you please!

A Bespoke Wedding Breakfast Menu

Work with your caterer to create a bespoke wedding menu that includes all your favourite dishes for your guests to enjoy.

Have Quirky Transport

If you and your partner love all things vintage then what could be more amazing that pulling up on your wedding day in a personalised VW van?

Create a Cocktail

Who doesn’t love a cocktail? Make it even more personal by having the bar serve Mr & Mrs cocktails – you both choose your own cocktail blend and then see at the end of the night whose cocktail was the most popular!

Invite Your Pet

What could be more personal than inviting your pet to your wedding? Your furry friend could make a perfect ring bearer.

Pick Flowers That Are Personal to You

Did you grandparents have peonies in their garden when you were growing up? Or did you have the most beautiful rose bush at your childhood home? Pick flowers that remind you of something special and they’ll have even more meaning.

Serve Your Favorite Late Night Snack

Do you have a secret late night snack that is your guilty pleasure? Why not serve it as a late night treat for your wedding guests.

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