Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Tips for Staying Happily Married

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Some marriages last merely days, yet others last for decades. What is the secret for a happy marriage? You might be able to find it in the following tips for staying contently married with the least amount of conflict:

Learn to Talk and Confide in Each Other

Above all, you must be able to communicate with your spouse without a problem. If you plan to spend your whole lives together, talking is important. In a while, your spouse could be the only person you have to confide in with. He or she should be the person you tell about your hopes, dreams and fears. If you can’t, the marriage simply won’t work.

Don’t Try to Change Your Spouse

The biggest reasons many marriages lead to calling divorce attorneys in Scottsdale is because one spouse desires the other to change in one manner or another. If your spouse doesn’t like eating shellfish, don’t force him or her to. People do not like to change. Your spouse is not a clay doll you can mold into a shape you like. You must be able to accept your spouse for who they really are if you want the marriage to last.

Respect is Very Important

You must also respect your spouse as a person to make sure the marriage is happy. If you are a husband, do not belittle your wife for her choice in clothes or career. Respect the other person for who they are and the choices they make. Obviously, you should be able to respect your partner before you commit to those wedding vows. Respect, like attraction, cannot be forced. You may not always agree with your spouse, but it’s very important to respect your spouse and his or her choices.

Accept that Some Fights are Inevitable

Not fighting is not the ultimate sign of a happy marriage. Not fighting at all can be as bad as fighting all the time. Some fights should occur to allow you two to vent. However, these fights should also be productive. At the end of the day, you two must come to an agreement and solved the conflict. If bad feelings don’t linger following a fight, then you are on your way to a happy marriage.

Extramarital Affairs Don’t Have to Mean the End

Now, about that A word. Extramarital affairs are not uncommon, especially as a marriage matures. Couples can get so used to each other and crave an “adventure.” If your spouse cheats on you, don’t freak out. Try to understand why he or she may have done it. In most cases, it’s because they were looking for “something new.” Your marriage doesn’t have to come to an end just because a partner cheated. With a clear head, it’s a situation both can solve. However, do not allow your spouse to blatantly lie to you in a situation like this.
Last but not least, it’s important to give each other space as well. If you are both too dependent on each other emotionally, the marriage can become a burden all too quickly.

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