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12 Top Experiences In Dubai That Make Your Trip Worth It

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By Kimu Mishra

If ever you wondered how futuristic cities would look like, Dubai is your answer. Once a simple barren desert emirate currently dominates other countries as one of the most advanced and dynamic city in the world. It is indeed a matter of envy as well as an inspiration for other nations who now try to compete against Dubai’s mind-boggling rapid growth as a tourist magnet.

The city of superlatives has all the elements for a perfect holiday destination. Explore the ever growing city with a glittering skyline filled with some of the best architectural projects of the world, meandering through the city is the beautiful Dubai creek, hidden among the towering skyscrapers are reminiscent glimpses of Bedouin era, on the outskirts of the city lies the vast stretches of Arabian desert on one side and shimmering waters of the Persian Gulf on the other side. Embedded within all these segments are some of the most iconic and mesmerizing attractions which surely make Dubai the most memorable trip you ever had.

Burj Khalifa
The mighty Goliath among the architectural towers of the world, Burj Khalifa’s enormous structure and elegance dwarfs every other skyscraper and landmarks in its surrounding. The Burj Khalifa stands as the undisputed winner among other iconic skyscrapers of the world. This iconic tower is a guaranteed place to visit for everyone who visits Dubai. The sheer brilliance of its architectural feat will blow your mind away the moment you reach near this structure. At the Top-Burj Khalifa is where you can get an unprecedented marvellous 360 degree panorama of the city. Stay back for a relaxing time in the evening at this observatory or lounge around at the relaxing At. mosphere restaurant to watch Dubai shimmer up in the night.

Dubai Creek Cruise
The most astonishing and contrasting sights of Dubai can be witnessed at the Dubai Creek. Meandering through the emirate, splitting it into two segments, the Dubai Creek is where the simple and sophistication of Dubai stands out predominantly. A cruise down the Creek is a great way to view the montage of this impressive city. You can either take the traditional water taxi ride known as abra or experience the bewitching sights of the city on an evening dinner cruise filled with merriment and appetizing cuisine.

Desert Safari
Being a desert land primarily, a visit to the Arabian dunes while you are in the emirate is something you have to experience. The desert is an antithesis of the image Dubai conjures. The staggering change in the scenario as you leave the city limits is quite enthralling as  you watch tall gleaming structures fading away into a vast blank golden brown landscape. A desert safari makes your experience adventurous. You can choose a morning desert safari to experience the gentle morning drive and the cool serene ambience of the desert before you jump into some hardcore sand adventures likes dune bashing, sand boarding, and quadbiking. If you wish to do only the adventures, opt for an afternoon desert safari. Extend your trip all the way into the night so that you can watch a beautiful desert sunset before joining in the festive mood of traditional music, folklore and delectable barbeque dinner.

Dubai Souks
The Souks of Dubai is another fragment of Dubai that preserves the year long ways of traditional trading. The markets consist of winding pathways lined with numerous shops that sell myriad choices of particular goods. The Gold Souks offers a dizzying collection of gold and precious stones in every variety possible. The Textile Souks exhibits authentic hand crafted fabrics from colourful carpets to soft pashminas. Stroll through the aromatic lanes of Spice and Perfume Souks to discover the sweet and strong flavours and smells that you might have never come across before.

Ski Dubai
Dubai endeavours to provide the best outlandish attractions to its visitors and delivers the same. A snow world in the middle of the desert sounds impossible but exciting and Dubai has managed to accomplish the unattainable. Ski Dubai set in Mall of the Emirates is a wondrous feat that lets visitors experience winter in desert. This indoor snow covered arena offers its guests a variety of winter sports such as skiing, snowboarding, chairlift rides or a simple thrill of enjoying a snow fight with family and friends.

IFly Dubai
Ever wished how flying felt like?  Head to IFly Dubai and you can gear yourself for an exciting sky diving experience without actually having to jump out of a plane. At IFly Dubai, you can enjoy a simulated indoor freefall flying experience in a vertical wind tower that makes you defy gravity and hover above the ground - a thrilling one of a kind experience you ought to try on your Dubai trip.

Dubai Mall
The Mecca of shopping, Dubai Mall is the biggest shopping mall in the world. If you are a keen shopper, then Dubai Mall is your paradise where you can browse through luxury and branded merchandises as well as buy just about everything you desire. Your experience goes beyond just shopping as this huge complex has lots of recreational activities like SEGA indoor theme park, a multiplex, Dubai Ice Rink, Dinoland and the magnificent Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo which gives you an incredible encounter with exquisite marine life.

Aquaventure Waterpark
The perfect way to get away and seek relief from the sweltering heat of the city along with some mind-blowing thrills is at the Aquaventure Waterpark. Providing a series of towering water slides, splash lagoons and adrenaline rushing rides, some of which are one of a kind in the world, you will experience nonstop adventure and excitement the moment you set foot inside this water wonderland. Set in the elegant Atlantis the Palm, this exhilarating water park gets your heart pumping with the world’s largest waterslide and steep vertical drop rides. Explore the amazing marine life with diving and snorkelling sessions among sharks, rays and other marine species.

Dubai Fountain
A concord medley of music, light and water captivates your heart with a breathtaking performance. The Dubai Fountain - world’s tallest fountain set at the Burj Khalifa Lake puts forth an enchanting show of dancing illuminated waters to its visitors free of cost. Set between the Burj Khalifa and The Dubai Mall, you will certainly not be able to miss this spectacle. You can enjoy the show from different perspectives – from the top of Burj Khalifa, while wandering around the promenade near the fountains or while gliding on the lake in a traditional wooden boat.

Bastakiya Quarters
Set aloof and camouflaged by the urban dynamism and latest architectural structures, Bastakiya Quarters is the quaint reflection of Dubai’s past as a simple village. One of city’s well preserved cultural and heritage spots, Bastakiya Quarters takes you into the bygone eras as you walk through the tone downed lanes and alleyways lined up with old houses and towers that are now remodelled into charming art galleries and courtyard Arabian cafes. A visit to the Al Fahidi fort which houses the Dubai Museum gives you a deeper insight into the Bedouin past of Dubai.

Dubai Miracle Gardens
Conjuring up like a mirage on the desert, Dubai Miracle Garden is a hard to believe sight that has to be visited to realize that the riots of colours amid the parched desert are indeed real. Adding to the endless list of outlandish attractions, Dubai Miracle Garden transforms the otherwise dull desert landscape into the world's biggest natural floral exhibition. Showcasing an assortment of diverse flower and plant species all arranged in awesome shapes, designs and topiaries, this impressive landscape with its stunning vivid displays is a breathtaking sight to visit.

Dubai Marina
An artificial canal and on its shoreline, a stunningly sophisticated township takes shape paving the vision of futuristic luxury living which on completion will take over the title of the largest man made marina. A city that speaks lavishness and sophistication in every element, be it in spectacular buildings or opulent hotels, resorts and restaurants, Dubai Marina by far has the latest and trendiest buildings and attractions in Dubai. Discover sheer luxury like you have never seen with a trip to Dubai Marina which offers the ultimate in residential, commercial, recreational and entertainment activities.

In regards to innovation and everlasting vigour, Dubai effortlessly puts together the ultimate collection of tourist attractions. Everything you visit here is either the first of its kind in the world, or a record breaker in the world. The miraculous transformation of Dubai and emerging into an urban mogul among its fellow emirates is nothing short of a phenomenon which one has to visit it to believe it.


Author Bio: Kimu Mishra is an experienced blogger. In her free time she enjoys exploring new destinations with her family.


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